ROOT-WORD is POP which comes from populi Latin for PEOPLE. The word People did not mean to the ancient Romans what it means for us today. Today we hold the word in the greatest respect and every single party and every single government in the world seeks the approval of the people. In those days the word was held in comtempt. Even when Julius Caesar made merely a show of wanting POPular approval, to him POPuli meant the illiterate, the vulgar, the common people.

1. Populace : POP ulace (pop’ yu las) n.

The people

2. Vox populi-vox Dei : (vox pop’ yu lie vox day)

The voice of the people, the voice of God

3. Popular : POP ular (pop’ yu lar) adj.

Relating to the people; as, the popular vote

4. Popularity : POP ularity (pop yu lar; it ee) n.

The quality of being liked by many people

5. Popularism : POP ularism (pop’ yu lar iz um) n.

A democratic movement

6. Popularist : POP ularist (pop’ yu lar ist) n.

One who believes in popularism

7. Popularize : POP ularize (pop’ yu la rize) v.

To cater to popular taste

8. Populate : POP ulate (pop’ yu late) v.

Furnish with people; as, populate a desert area

9. Population : POP ulation (pop yu lay’ shun) n.

The number of people in an area

10. Populationist : POP ulationist (pop yu lay’ shun ist) n.

One who advocates population control

11. Populous : POP ulous (pop’ yu lus) adj.

Full of inhabitants; as, New York is a populous city

12. Populator : POP ulator (pop’ yu lay tor) n.

That which causes increases in population

13. Populism : POP ulism (pop’ yu liz um) n.

Doctrines advocated by the Populist Party

14. Populist : POP ulist (pop’ yu list) n.

A member of the Populist Party

15. Populicide : POP ulicide (pop’ yu li side) n.

The slaughter of populations; genocide

16. Unpopular : un POP ular (un pop’ yu lar) adj.

Unpleasing to many people

17. Depopulate : de POP ulate (de pop’ yu late) v.

To cut down the population

18. Repopulate : re POP ulate (re pop’ yu late) v.

Fill up again with people

19. Depopulator : de POP ulator (de pop’ yu lay tor) n.

That which causes a decrease in population

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