Present Perfect Tense in Active Voice

Present Perfect Tense in Active Voice :

  1. He has authored five books.
  2. He has bought oranges in dozens.
  3. He has charged a battery.
  4. He has driven his car to his office.
  5. He has faced a problem.
  6. He has given me an apple.
  7. He has killed a lion in the forest.
  8. He has made a doll.
  9. He has managed his office.
  10. He has murdered his father.
  11. He has read a poem.
  12. He has read a story.
  13. He has signed the cheque.
  14. He has simplified the problem.
  15. He has smoked a cigarette.
  16. I have manufactured tyre.
  17. I have read a novel of RKL.
  18. I have seen a bird.
  19. I have seen an animal.
  20. I have seen a mango in the tree.
  21. I have sent him to school.
  22. I have typewritten a letter.
  23. I have written a story.
  24. I have written a note to my boss.
  25. It has treated a problem.
  26. Makka has read a document.
  27. Malar has colored a picture.
  28. Mallika has taught English to the slum children.
  29. Mani has given me a notebook.
  30. Radha has walked the distance.
  31. Ravi has spoken the truth.
  32. She has borrowed money.
  33. She has drawn a picture.
  34. She has drawn my picture.
  35. She has made cake.
  36. She has married our daughter.
  37. She has played chess.
  38. She has played tennis.
  39. She has prepared dinner.
  40. She has purchased a house.
  41. She has ruled Indonesia.
  42. She has sailed by boat.
  43. She has sung a song.
  44. She has spoiled the child.
  45. She has stored grains.
  46. She has summoned him.
  47. She has thrown the ball.
  48. The judged has summoned him.
  49. They have borrowed money.
  50. They have drawn a picture.
  51. They have drawn a natural-scene.
  52. They have made cake.
  53. They have married our daughter.
  54. They have prepared dinner.
  55. They have purchased a house.
  56. They have ruled Indonesia.
  57. They have sailed by boat.
  58. They have shifted me.
  59. They have slipped a currency-note.
  60. They have submitted their report.
  61. They have switched on the light.
  62. They have taxed me Rs. 10000.
  63. They have threatened me.
  64. They have transported things.
  65. We have authored five books.
  66. We have borrowed money.
  67. We have bought orange.
  68. We have charged a battery.
  69. We have driven his car.
  70. We have faced a problem.
  71. We have given me an apple.
  72. We have killed a lion.
  73. We have looked at the notice.
  74. We have looked at the natural-scene.
  75. We have made a doll.
  76. We have made cake.
  77. We have managed his office.
  78. We have married our daughter.
  79. We have murdered his father.
  80. We have purchased a house.
  81. We have signed the cheque.
  82. We have simplified the problem.
  83. We have slipped a currency-note.
  84. We have smoked a cigarette.
  85. We have started the work.
  86. We have started the picnic.
  87. We have switched on the light.
  88. We have transported things.
  89. You have listened to the music.
  90. You have sent me an email.
  91. You have sung a song.
  92. You have spoiled the child.
  93. You have stored grains.
  94. You have told a lie.
  95. You have thrown the ball.
  96. You have transported this chair to our office.
  97. You have watched a movie.
  98. You have watched television.
  99. You have watched what was happening.
  100. You have eaten three apples.

Present Perfect Tense in Active Voice :


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