Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense :

It is used to indicate actions completed in the immediate past. The present tense with the adverb JUST may be used.

Examples :

He has just gone out.
It has just struck twelve.
3We have just started our breakfast. Do please join us.
I have just returned.
She has written the articles.

It is used to describe an action which began in the past and is still continuing.

Examples :

Kannan has lived in Trichy for two years.
The film has made a lot of profit this year.
I have not eaten anything for five hours.
She has not spoken for two days.
We have finished our project.

It is used to describe the completion of an action by the time of speaking or writing.

Examples :

I have written a book on English grammar.
The cat has drunk all the milk.
She has played well.
They have built a shopping complex.
He has just posted the letter.

It is used to describe an activity or experience which has occurred in the past.

Examples :

Mr. Gopi has been to England.
Have you ever seen a rainbow?
He has visited Mysore palace.
They have come high after struggle.
I have been promoted by my employer.

Keywords which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences :

Just now
Till now
So far
Up to now

Few sentences in this tense form :

I have eaten a mango.
I have gone to England.
I have bought a house.
I have lost my passport.
I have brought my certificates.

We have finished our work last week.
We have come from England.
We have bought a new car.
We have gone there with our friends.
We have hidden money in the bedroom.

You have forgotten it.
You have written a letter to your friend.
You have gone to bed.
You have used it.
You have managed them.

They have seen it.
They have retained the movie.
They have shown the models.
They have finished the work.
They have broken my leg.

He has gone to America.
He has missed his daughter.
He has sent money to his wife.
He has written a story.
He has chosen me.

She has worked in Germany.
She has gone out.
She has received a letter.
She has already told her father.
She has danced with James.

It has opened itself.
It has grown well.
It has built a nest.
It has stood on the hill.
It has lived in this house.

Present Perfect Tense :

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