Present Tense Worksheet

Present Tense Worksheet :

Answer Form : Affirmative Form

  1. He could come.
  2. He dares to speak.
  3. He did the mistake.
  4. He does drive a car.
  5. He had finished.
  6. He has a car.
  7. He is my friend.
  8. He needs money.
  9. He troubles me.
  10. He underlined the words.
  11. He warned her.
  12. He was my uncle.
  13. He wets the dress.
  14. He wiped the tears.
  15. He withstands.
  16. He zoomed the glass.
  17. I am a boy.
  18. I am a student.
  19. I am waiting for you.
  20. I can lift this book.
  21. I do play cricket.
  22. I have a watch.
  23. I may visit.
  24. I shall try.
  25. I traveled by bus.
  26. I tried a chance.
  27. I trust you.
  28. I used to walk.
  29. I wear a new dress.
  30. I win the match.
  31. I withdraw my plan.
  32. I worried about you.
  33. It may rain.
  34. She could reach.
  35. She dares to argue.
  36. She did the homework.
  37. She does prepare her lesson.
  38. She had traveled.
  39. She has a van.
  40. She is my sister.
  41. She must sing.
  42. She types a letter.
  43. She visited the zoo.
  44. She was my guide.
  45. She washes the clothes.
  46. She weds him.
  47. She wired it.
  48. She wounds me.
  49. The baby weeps.
  50. The laymen unload.
  51. The phone vibrated.
  52. The train ought to leave.
  53. They are relatives.
  54. They can do this work.
  55. They have a camera.
  56. They might get.
  57. They should obey.
  58. They treated me well.
  59. They were polite.
  60. They will arrive.
  61. They yelled.
  62. They yielded.
  63. We are neighbours.
  64. We do watch T.V.
  65. We might reach.
  66. We shall come.
  67. We used to jog.
  68. We were cousins.
  69. We will write.
  70. You must go.
  71. You need come.
  72. You ought to obey elders.
  73. You should write.

    Negative Form :

  74. He could not come.
  75. He did not do the mistake.
  76. He did not underline the words.
  77. He did not warn her.
  78. He did not wipe the tears.
  79. He did not zoom the glass.
  80. He does not dare to speak.
  81. He does not drive a car.
  82. He does not need money.
  83. He does not trouble me.
  84. He does not wet the dress.
  85. He does not withstand.
  86. He had not finished.
  87. He has not a car.
  88. He is not my friend.
  89. He was not my uncle.
  90. I am not a boy.
  91. I am not a student.
  92. I am not waiting for you.
  93. I can't lift this book.
  94. I did not travel by bus.
  95. I did not try a chance.
  96. I did not worry about you.
  97. I didn't use to walk.
  98. I do not play cricket.
  99. I do not win the match.
  100. I don't have a watch.
  101. I don't trust you.
  102. I don't wear the dress.
  103. I don't withdraw my plan.
  104. I may not visit.
  105. I shan't try.
  106. It may not rain.
  107. She could not reach.
  108. She did not do the homework.
  109. She did not wash the clothes.
  110. She does not dare to argue.
  111. She does not prepare her lesson.
  112. She does not type a letter.
  113. She does not visit the zoo.
  114. She does not wed him.
  115. She does not wire it.
  116. She does not wound me.
  117. She had not traveled.
  118. She has not a van.
  119. She is not my sister.
  120. She must not sing.
  121. She was not my guide.
  122. The baby does not weep.
  123. The laymen do not unload.
  124. The phone did not vibrate.
  125. The train ought not to leave.
  126. They are not relatives.
  127. They can't do this work.
  128. They did not yell.
  129. They did not yield.
  130. They didn't treat me well.
  131. They don't have a camera.
  132. They might not get.
  133. They should not obey.
  134. They were not polite.
  135. They won’t arrive.
  136. We are not neighbours.
  137. We didn't use to jog.
  138. We do not watch T.V.
  139. We might not reach.
  140. We shalln't come.
  141. We were not cousins.
  142. We won’t write.
  143. You must not go.
  144. You need not come.
  145. You ought not to obey elders.
  146. You should not write.

    Question Form : Interrogatory Form : Present Tense Worksheet

  147. Am I a boy?
  148. Am I a student?
  149. Am I waiting for you?
  150. Are they relatives?
  151. Are we neighbours?
  152. Can they do this work?
  153. Can you lift this book?
  154. Could he come?
  155. Could she reach?
  156. Did he do the mistake?
  157. Did he underline the words?
  158. Did he warn her?
  159. Did he wipe the tears?
  160. Did he zoom the glass?
  161. Did I use to walk?
  162. Did she do the homework?
  163. Did she wash the clothes?
  164. Did the phone vibrate?
  165. Did they treat you well?
  166. Did they yell?
  167. Did they yield?
  168. Did we use to jog?
  169. Did you travel by bus?
  170. Did you try a chance?
  171. Did you worry about me?
  172. Do we watch T.V.?
  173. Do you play cricket?
  174. Do you trust me?
  175. Do you were a new dress?
  176. Do you win the match?
  177. Do you with draw your plan?
  178. Does he dare to speak?
  179. Does he drive a car?
  180. Does he need money?
  181. Does he trouble you?
  182. Does he wet the dress?
  183. Does he withstand?
  184. Does she dare to argue?
  185. Does she prepare the lesson?
  186. Does she type a letter?
  187. Does she visit the zoo?
  188. Does she wed him?
  189. Does she wire it?
  190. Does she wound me?
  191. Does the baby weep?
  192. Do the laymen unload?
  193. Don't they have a camera?
  194. Don't you have a watch?
  195. Had he finished?
  196. Had she traveled?
  197. Has he a car?
  198. Has she a van?
  199. Is he my friend?
  200. Is she my sister?
  201. May I visit?
  202. Might they get?
  203. Might we reach?
  204. Must she sing?
  205. Must you go?
  206. Need you come?
  207. Ought the train to leave?
  208. Ought to you obey elders?
  209. Shall I try?
  210. Shall we come?
  211. Should they obey?
  212. Should you write?
  213. Was he my uncle?
  214. Was she my guide?
  215. Were they polite?
  216. Were we cousins?
  217. Will it rain?
  218. Will they arrive?
  219. Will we write?

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