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  1. Talk less… think more.
  2. The ass that brays most eats less.
  3. The back door robs the house.
  4. The beard does not make a philosopher.
  5. The best is the enemy of good.
  6. The blind cannot lead the blind.
  7. The brave will save.
  8. The cautious seldom err.
  9. The child is the father of man.
  10. The comforter's head never aches.
  11. The cowl does not make the monk.
  12. The customer is always right.
  13. The danger past and good forgotten.
  14. The end is to build well.
  15. The face is the index of the mind.
  16. The first blow is half the battle.
  17. The fox preys farther from his home.
  18. The goat must browse where she is tied.
  19. The greatest talkers are the least doers.
  20. The king can do no wrong.
  21. The law maker should not be a law breaker.
  22. The leopard cannot change his spots.
  23. The mills of god grind slow but sure.
  24. The pot called the kettle black.
  25. The thing we long for that we are.
  26. The wheel has come full circle.
  27. The world is always changing.
  28. There is always room at the top.
  29. There is no smoke without fire.
  30. There is small choice in rotten apples.
  31. They can do least who boast loudest.
  32. Time and tide wait for no man.
  33. Time cures all things.
  34. Time is an unpaid advocate.
  35. Time lost cannot be recalled.
  36. Time once lost is lost forever.
  37. Time stoops to no man's cure.
  38. Times change and we with them.
  39. To be under a cloud.
  40. To deceive a deceiver is no deceit.
  41. To flog a dead horse.
  42. To hold a candle to a devil.
  43. To kill two birds with one stone.
  44. To let the cat out of the hag.
  45. To much cunning undoes.
  46. To take the bull by the horn.
  47. To the real here life is a mere straw.
  48. To wash dirty linen in public.
  49. Today's students are tomorrow’s citizens.
  50. Tomorrow comes never.
  51. Tomorrow is a day that never comes.
  52. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
  53. Too much of anything is good for nothing.
  54. Travel broadens the mind.
  55. Travel teaches tolerance.
  56. True friendship never fails.
  57. Trust is the mother of deceit.
  58. Truth is mighty and will prevail.
  59. Truth is the best advocate.
  60. Truth never perishes.
  61. Truth stretches but never breaks.
  62. Try again and again until you succeed.
  63. Two is company. Three is crowd.
  64. Two wrongs do NOT make a right.

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