Put out the fire before it spreads.

Put out the fire before it spreads.

Prevention is better than cure.

This phrase advises us to take preventive steps to keep us away from all sorts of dangers since this reduces the effort needed to deal with the effects of a danger. Whenever we have some disease spreading we should take preventive measures like drinking clean water, washing hands before and after taking food and good habits of hygiene will help us in preventing the disease from spreading. Also taking proper food and having good mind will help us in maintaining good health.

There is an old story in which there lived three fishes in a pond which was connected to the river. Of the three fishes one of the fish was intelligent and one day he said to his friends that if the summer comes, the connecting tunnel will go dry and so they will have to live in an insecure pond and if somebody wants to catch them they will not be able to escape. The other fishes laughed at him but the intelligent fish swam through the canal to the river. Summer came and the canal dried up and the water level in the pond also went down. One day some fishermen came and they threw their nets and caught all the fish. The two fishes were also caught and they died. Thus prevention is better than cure in our daily life.

Put out the fire before it spreads.

This beautiful quotation explains that we must put out the fire at the initial stage of flame before it spreads over. Otherwise it will spread faster and destroy the whole place. Similarly we must put out the fire of hatred and hostility from our heart before it takes root and grows to the full extent.

This statement is taken from Leo Tolstoy’s short story titled - A Spark neglected burns the house. There can be no doubt that it is an excellent proverb. Ivan’s father, in the story gives him this piece of advice. This advice is not only for Ivan but also for us. This advises not only to put out the flames of fire but also to put off the fire of hatred and hostility that takes root in our heart. If we are negligent to do so, then the fire like hatred and hostility get filled throughout the heart, then in due course this fire destroys us as well as causes troubles to others. Because of this fire having dwelt in the heart looks daggers at the society and so others will isolate us. So one must be careful enough to put out the evil features, before it spreads.

Put out the fire before it spreads.


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