Questions beginning with HOW LONG

Questions beginning with HOW LONG :

How long + do + (You, They, We, I) + verb?

1. How long do you play?
2. How long do they wait?
3. How long do you write?
4. How long do they work?
5. How long do you walk every day?
6. How long do we run?
7. How long do we read?
8. How long do 1 sit?
9. How long do I talk?
10. How long do we wait?

Corresponding Answers :

I play for 2 hours.
They wait for 30 minutes.
I write for 3 hours.
They work for 8 hours.
I walk for 30 minutes daily.
We run 5 kms.
We read for 5 hours.
You sit for 15 minutes
You talk for 2 hours.
We wait for 2 hours.

How long + does + (He, She, It, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. How long does he play every day?
2. How long does she walk every day?
3. How long does he work?
4. How long does Reema read?
5. How long docs she run?
6. How long does she read?
7. How long does Ram sit?
8. How long does she drive the car?
9. How long does it have to wait here?
10. How long does this queue stand?

Corresponding Answers :

He plays for 2 hours every day.
She walks for 30 minutes every day.
He works for 8 hours.
Reema reads for 3 hours.
She runs for 3 kms.
She reads for 1 hour.
Ram sits for half-an-hour.
She drives the car for the last 30 minutes.
It has to wait here three hours.
This queue stands for 700 meters.

How long + did + (He, She, It, You, we, They, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. How long did he play yesterday?
2. How long did he wait for you?
3. How long did they write the test?
4. How long did the workers work?
5. How long did it function?
6. How long did it take a repair?
7. How long did she wait?
8. How long did she talk?
9. How long did it waited here?
10. How long did the car travel?

Corresponding Answers :

He played for 2 hours yesterday.
He waited for 2 hours.
They wrote the test for 3 hours.
The workers worked for 8 hours.
It functioned for a year.
It took 3 hours to repair.
She waited for 2 hours.
She talked for 5 hours.
It waited here for three days.
The car traveled 200 kms.

Questions beginning with HOW LONG :


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