Questions beginning with HOW MUCH

Questions beginning with HOW MUCH :

How much + do + (You, We, They) + verb?

1. How much rice do you buy?
2. How much oil do you get?
3. How much money do they want?
4. How much sugar do you need?
5. How much milk do they buy?
6. How much sand do we order?
7. How much salt do we require?
8. How much pepper do we add?
9. How much sand do we mix with the cement?
10. How much water do we add to milk?

Corresponding Answers :

I buy five Kg. of rice.
I get 5 litres of oil.
They want 1000 rupees.
I need little sugar.
They buy 2 litres of milk.
You order for 3 loads of sand.
You require a little salt.
You add a tea spoon of pepper.
We mix 100 kgs of sand with 100 kgs of cement.
We add 1 litre of water to 1 litre of milk.

How much + does + (He, She, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. How much milk does he require?
2. How much rice docs Mani need?
3. How much money does Raja take?
4. How much petrol does he ask for?
5. How much oil does she get?
6. How much money does she require?
7. How much sand does she order?
8. How much salt does Sita add?
9. How much diesel does Ram buy?
10. How much pepper does he add?

Corresponding Answers :

He requires 3 litres of milk.
Mari needs 5 Kg of rice.
Raja takes 300 rupees.
He asks for 5 litres of petrol.
She gets 2 litres of oil.
She requires 50 rupees.
She orders for a load of sand.
Sita adds a table spoon of salt.
Ram buys 30 litres of diesel.
He adds a very little pepper.

How much + did + (He, She, It, I, we, You, We, They, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. How much rice did you supply?
2. How much sugar did they receive?
3. How much oil did Ram give?
4. How much milk did I purchase?
5. How much money did we lend?
6. How much salt did they order?
7. How much pepper did Ram use?
8. How much petrol did I consume?
9. How much sand did they use?
10. How much diesel did it take?

Corresponding Answers :

We supplied 10 bags of rice.
They received 25 bags of sugar.
Ram gave 25 litres of oil.
You purchased 2 litres of milk.
We lend 5000 rupees.
They ordered for 3 kgs. of salt.
Ram uses 100 gm. of pepper.
You consumed 30 litres of petrol.
They used 5 loads of sand.
It takes 50 litres of diesel.

Questions beginning with HOW MUCH :


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