Questions beginning with WHAT

Questions beginning with WHAT : What + do + (you, they, I & we) + verb? :

What do you want?
What do you learn?
What do you take?
What do you give?
What do you write?
What do they play?
What do they do?
What do they receive?
What do you prefer?
What do you teach?
What do you eat?

What + does + (he, she & it) + verb? :

What does he take?
What does he write?
What does Meena make?
What does she sell?
What does Balaji buy?
What does Meera bring?
What does Kumar read?
What docs Ram do?
What does Kokhila do?
What does she eat?

What + did + (you, they, I, we, he, she & it) + verb? :

What did he take?
What did he buy?
What did he sell?
What did she write?
What did they play?
What did Prem bring?
What did Prabhu send?
What did Leela want?
What did you drink?
What did he give you?
What did you eat?

What + is + (he, she & it) + verb + ing? :

What is he buying?
What is she selling?
What is it doing?
What is she reading?
What is Ram bringing?
What is she burning?
What is she hanging?
What is Priya teaching?
What is Mccra eating?
What is Pooja taking?
What is she eating?

Corresponding Answers :

I want a camera.
I learn English.
I take a story book.
I give my pen.
I write a poem.
They play chess.
They make doll.
They receive their credit cards.
I prefer milk to coffee.
I teach English.
I eat an Apple.

He takes a pen.
He writes a letter.
Meena makes dolls.
She sells mangoes.
Balaji buys a camera.
Meera brings a file.
Kumar reads a novel.
Ram reads the newspaper.
Kokhila cleans the shelf.
He eats an apple.

He took a book.
He bought a golden chain.
He sold apples.
She wrote a letter.
They played KHO-KHO.
Prem brought a VCD player.
Prabhu sent a parcel.
Neela wanted a mobile phone.
I drank apple juice.
He gave me a story book.
He ate an apple.

He is buying an umbrella.
She is selling oranges.
It is drinking milk.
She is reading a novel.
Ram is bringing a chair.
She is burning waste papers.
She is hanging a calendar.
Priya is teaching mathematics.
Meera is eating a mango.
Pooja is taking her bag.
She is eating an apple.

Questions beginning with WHAT :


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