Questions beginning with WHERE

Questions beginning with WHERE :

Where + do + (You, They, I, We) + verb?

1. Where do you keep your books?
2. Where do you buy your dresses?
3. Where do you wait for him?
4. Where do you look for him?
5. Where do you have your bank account?
6. Where do they want you to come?
7. Where do I ask Sita to wait?
8. Where do I come from?
9. Where do you come from?
10. Where do they send this parcel to?

Where + does + (He, She, It, Ashwin, Meera) + verb?

1. Where does he come from?
2- Where docs he go now?
3. Where does she keep the file?
4. Where does he ask you to meet?
5. Where does this bus go to?
6. Where does she buy the dresses?
7. Where does it reach?
8. Where does Ashwin study?
9. Where does Meena come from?
10. Where does Meena reside?

Where + did + (He, She, It, You, We, They, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. Where did you meet him?
2. Where did you keep your suitcase?
3. Where did she come from?
4. Where did she go yesterday?
5. Where did Manisha have the interview?
6. Where did Meera get her posting?
7. When? did Naren celebrate his birthday?
8. Where did he learn French?
9. Where did he call you to come?
10. Where did we get down?

Corresponding Answers :

I keep my books here.
I buy my dresses in T.Nagar.
I wail for him at the station.
We look for him at the library.
I have my bank account in Trichy.
They want me to come to Madurai.
You ask Sita to wait in her office.
You come from Ooty.
We come from Salem.
They send this parcel to Kanyakumari.

He comes from Mumbai.
He goes to the temple now.
She keeps the file in the Manager's room.
He asks me to meet at the hotel.
This bus goes to Madurai.
She buys the dresses in Shiv stores.
It reaches Kolkata.
Aswin studies in Loyola collage.
Meena comes from France.
Meena resides in Ooty.

I met him in Bangalore.
I kept my suitcase in your room.
She came from Gujarat.
She went to Mysore yesterday.
Manisha had the interview in Bangalore.
Meera got her posting in Mumbai.
Naren celebrated his birthday in Holiday Inn.
He learnt French in Pondicherry.
He called me to come to his office.
We got down at the post Office.

Questions beginning with WHERE :


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