Questions beginning with WHOM

Questions beginning with WHOM :

Whom + do + (You, They, We) + verb?

1. Whom do you want?
2. Whom do you want to meet?
3. Whom do they wish to see?
4. Whom do you invite?
5. Whom do you refer for this post?
6. Whom do you call?
7. Whom do you recommend?
8. Whom do they want to meet?
9. Whom do we contact?
10. Whom do prefer?
11. Whom do they appoint?

Whom + does + (He, She, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. Whom does he want?
2. Whom does she wish to meet?
3. Whom does he call?
4. Whom does Sita expect?
5. Whom does Meera teach?
6. Whom does she prefer?
7. Whom does he invite?
8. Whom does he refer?
9. Whom does she live with?
10. Whom does he go along in her class?
11. Whom does Meera meet in her leisure hour?

Whom + did + (You, They, He, She, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. Whom did you appoint?
2. Whom did you want to meet?
3. Whom did she invite to the party?
4. Whom did you elect as chairman?
5. Whom did they call?
6. Whom did they ask?
7. Whom did he search?
8. Whom did she meet?
9. Whom did she need?
10. Whom did she advise?
11. Whom did they choose?

Corresponding Answers :

I want Mr. Jaiganesh to complete this job.
We want to meet Mr. Jaiganesh in his house.
They wish to see the manager in the office hour.
I invite Ravi and Raj to this party.
I prefer Mr.Ganesh.
1 call Mr. Ramesh.
I recommend Mr. Bhoopathy tot his post.
They want to meet the collector.
We contact the director.
We prefer the MD to MS.
They appoint my brother.

He wants Rajesh for this project.
She wishes to meet the Chairman.
He calls Prakash.
Sita expects Sujatha.
Meera teaches Surya.
She prefers her friend.
He invites all.
He refers his employer.
She lives with her parents.
He goes along with Pajesh in his class.
Meera meets her brother and sister in her leisure hour.

I appointed Guna.
I wanted to meet the Manager.
She invited her friends.
We elected Mr. Rakesh as Chairman.
They called their relatives.
They asked their friends.
He searched for his boss for three hours.
She met the president.
She needed her father.
She advised her children not to eat ice-creams.
They chose my sister in place of me.

Questions beginning with WHOM :


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