Questions with HOW MANY

Questions with HOW MANY :

How many + are + (You, They, We) + verb + ing?

1. How many students are you taking with you?
2. How many books are you buying?
3. How many rooms are they booking?
4. How many chairs are they carrying?
5. How many cities are you visiting?
6. How many students are we calling?
7. How many tickets are we booking?
8. How many shirts are we selecting?
9. How many pens are they selling?
10. How many essays are you reading?

Corresponding Answers :

I am taking 20 students with me.
I am buying two books.
They are booking 5 rooms.
They are carrying 5 chairs.
I am visiting 10 cities.
We are calling 5 students.
We are booking 3 tickets.
We are selecting a dozen shirts.
They are selling a lot of pens.
I am reading 3 essays.

How many + will + (He, She, it, You, they, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. How many pens will you buy?
2. How many poems will you memorize?
3. How many boys will she allow?
4. How many prizes will she give?
5. How many letters will he type?
6. How many schools will the principal invite?
7. .How many books will he publish?
8. How many students will the coach train?
9. How many loads will it carry?
10. How many persons did it hold?

Corresponding Answers :

I will buy 3 pens.
I will memorize 3 poems.
She will allow ten boys.
She will give three prizes.
He will type 5 letters.
The principal will invite 25 schools.
He will publish ten books.
The coach will train twenty students.
It will carry five loads.
It holds 6 persons.

How many + can + (He, She, It, I, You, they, Ram, Sita) + verb?

1. How many chairs can you carry?
2. How many pages can he write?
3. How many students can you permit?
4. How many students can you permit?
5. How many rooms can he allot for us?
6. How many orders can Meera get in one day?
7. How many letters can I type?
8. How many poems can I memorize by heart?
9. How many schools can we go?
10. How many rooms can we occupy?

Corresponding Answers :

I can carry 5 chairs.
I le can write twenty pages.
I can permit 20 students.
We can permit 20 students.
He can allot six rooms for us.
Meera can get ten orders in one day.
You can type 3 letters.
You can by heart 5 poems.
We can go to 2 schools.
We can occupy only a single room.

Questions with HOW MANY :


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