Real Love Sever Fails

Real Love Sever Fails :

Once in the city of Baghdad there lived Jaffar a young man of love with his wife Hasina. Hasina was very beautiful. Jaffar loved her very much. Hasina thought that she was very fortunate to have such a young man as her husband. The people in the city praised them as they were the true and fortunate couple. Jaffar satisfied all her needs at any cost. They lived happily.

One day Jaffar when ready to go out on his routine work asked Hasina. “Do you want anything?"

Hasina replied that he satisfied all her needs and showed much love on her. But Jaffar with a smile asked again. “Ask me my dear, if you have any wish that you have even dreamed of."

Hasina hesitated for a while and then said, “I want you to do one thing now. But you should promise me to fulfill my wish".

Jaffar said, “You are my dear. Nothing is more important than you. So I will fulfill your wish".

Hasina felt happy and said. "I want to get three apples now. But it is not the season for the apples. But can you get it for me now dear".

Jaffar replied that he could get even the heaven for her. But she asked only three apples. Even though it was not the season for the apples, he was ready to get it for her. He went away from home in search of apples.

He couldn’t see any apple in Baghdad. So he went to the near by Towns to buy the apples. After a long search, he got three apples in a shop and felt happy. He returned home happily.

He called, “Hasina, Hasina here are you apples my dear".

Hasina’s face brightened when she saw the apples. "Thank you my dear. They are so fresh and must be very tasty. I shall have a bath before I take this" she said in joy.

So Hasina put the apples on a table and went to take bath. After she left the room, their little son came in. He was very mischievous. He saw the apples on the table and he took them. He soon went outside their house to show the apples to his friends. When he ran on the road he tumbled on a stone and fell on the ground. The apples were scattered on the road.

A stranger, walking along the road at that time, saw the apples and took them. He cunningly helped the boy to get up with his help. But when he got up with his help, the stranger pushed the small boy away and ran away with the apples. He thought of selling the apples at a high price on that scarce season. The little child cried and went to his home to say what had happened on the road to the apples.

He told all that happened in the road sadly and cursed the stranger who took the apples. But Hasina consoled her son, “Don’t worry my boy, if he had taken you away, it would have been miserable for us. You are more valuable than the three apples". She was glad that nothing had happed to her son.

On the same evening the stranger tried to sell the apples in the market. When Jaffar went to the market, he saw the stranger with the three apples which were bought by him in the morning for his wife Hasina.

He was shocked to see the same apples on the hands of the stranger. He thought that his pain to buy the apples were much and that his wife was so careless that she had given the apples.

He got angry. He returned back home quickly thinking that his wife was not worthy of his love. When he saw Hasina he took a knife to kill her and said, “You are not a lovable woman. I satisfy all your needs. But you cheat me."

When he tried to kill his wife his son cried out, “Father, father, there was a stranger out in the street who snatched my toys and took the tree apples in the noon today. You please get them back my father".

On hearing these words, Jaffar realized that he had mistaken his wife. He felt sorry and said, "O God" please forgive me. I am ashamed of myself my dear Hasina. I am really very sorry. Please forgive me dear." Hasina consoled his husband that it happened to test their love for each other. So Jaffar and Hasina grew stronger in love than ever and lived happily for many years.

Real Love Sever Fails :

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