These ROOT-WORDS are SANG & SANGUI from the Latin sanguis meaning BLOOD. With all these bloody words, this page is certainly a bloody words, this page is certainly a bloody business. There is only one word from the list that isn’t dripping with blood-No. 1 SANGUIne.

1. Sanguine : SANGUI ne (san’ gwin) adj.

Red, like blood; ardent; confident

2. Sanguinary : SANGUI nary (san’ gwi nr ee) adj.

Bloody; bloodthirsty

3. Sanguineless : SANGUI neless (san’ gwin les) adj.

Pale; lacking blood; anemic

4. Sanguineous : SANGUI neous (san gwin’ ee us) adj.

Abounding with bloodshed; as, “sanguineous histories of queens"

5. Sanguinolent : SANGUI nolent (san gwin’ o lent) adj.

Tinged with blood

6. Sanguinous : SANGUI nous (san’ gwi nus) adj.

Containing blood; bloodthirsty

7. Sanguisuge : SANGUI suge (san’ gwi suje) n.

A bloodsucker; leech

8. Sanguisugent : SANGUI sugent (san gwi sue’ jent) adj.


9. Sangfroid : SANG froid (sang frws’) n.

Cold-bloodedness; calmness; nonchalance

10. Sanguify : SANMGUI fy (san’ gwi fie) v.

To make blood; as using foods containing iron

11. Sanguifier : SANGUI fier (san’ gwi fie er) n.

That which makes blood; as iron, a restorer of blood

12. Sanguimotor : SANGUI motor (san gwi moe’ tor) adj.

Relating to the circulation of the blood

13. Sanguinaceous : SANGUI nacreous (san gwi nay’ shus) adj.

Full-blooded; ardent; sanguine

14. Sanguinity : SANGUI nity (san gwin’ it ee) n.

The quality of full-bloodedness; ardor, enthusiasm

15. Consanguinity : con SANGUI nity (kon san gwin’ it eee) n.

Blood-relationship; having ancestors in common

16. Sanguinaria : SANGUI naria (san gwi nar’ ee a) n.

The blood-root; an herb which has reddish juice

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