sat & satis

ROOT-WORDS are SAT & SATIS meaning ENOUGH. It comes from the Latin sat, enough and satio, more than enough & overfill. It is a simple, uncomplicated ROOT and says just what it means. Today nutritionists are interested in the SATurated fats, and unSATurated fats, finding the latter more healthful. SAT, ENOUGH, is good. SATurated is not good. SATiated is worse.

1. Sate : SAT e (sate’) v.

To satisfy; as, sate with food

2. Satiate : SAT iate (say’ shee ate) v.

Satisfy fully

3. Satiable : SAT iable (say’ sha b’l) adj.

Can be fully satisfied

4. Insatiable : in SAT iable (in say’ sha b’l) adj.

Cannot be satisfied

5. Satiability : SAT iability (say shi a bil’ i ti) n.

The quality of being able to be satisfied

6. Insatiability : in SAT iability (in say shi a bil’ i ty) n.

The quality of not being able to be fully satisfied

7. Satisfy : SAT isfy (sat’ is fie) v.

To give pleasure to; to give as much as is needed

8. Satisfier : SATIS fier (sat’ is fie er) n.

One who or that which satisfies

9. Satisfactory : SATIS factory (sat is fak’ to ree) adj.

Giving what is wanted

10. Satisfaction : SATIS faction (sat is fak’ shun) n.

Pleasure; gratification

11. Unsatisfactory : un SATIS factory (un sat is fak’ to ree) adj.

Not giving what is wanted

12. Dissatisfaction : dis SATIS faction (dis sat is fak; shun) n.

The state of not being pleased

13. Unsatisfactorily: un SATIS factorily (un sat is fak’ to ri li) adv.

In a manner which does not satisfy

14. Insatiably : in SAT iably (in say’ sha blee) adv.

Never able to be satisfied

15. Satient : SAT ient (say’ shi ent) adj.

Giving pleasure; satisfying

16. Saturate : SAT urate (sach’ u rate) v.

Soak thoroughly fill completely

17. Saturation : SAT uration (sach u ray’ shun) n.

State of being thoroughly field

18. Saturant : SAT urant (sach’ u rant) n.

A substance used to cause saturation

19. Unsaturated : un SAT urated (un sach’ u rate ed) adj.

Not completely field

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