scrib & scrip

ROOT-WORDS are SCRIB & SCRIP which come from the Latin scribere & scriptus which mean to WRITE. Here again there are two spellings, because the Latin verb has two spellings. In ancient days before printing had been invented the error in a manuscript was SCRIBal, now we call it a misprint and blame the printer. Word No. 17 needs a bit of explanation. Formerly, workers were not always paid in cash but in certificates or bonds. That was called paying with scrip.

1. Scribable : SCRIB able (skribe’ a b’l) adj.

Can be written upon; can receive the markings of a stylus or pen

2. Scribacious : SCRIB acious (skrie bay’ shus) adj.

Addicted to writing; fond of writing

3. Scribble : SCRIB ble (skri’ b’l) n.

Meaningless marks on paper

4. Subscription : sub SCRIP tion (sub skrip’ shun) n.

A purchase order; sign one’s name for acceptance

5. Scribblemania : SCRIB blemania (skrib’ el may’ ni a) n.

A mania for making meaningless marks on paper

6. Ascribe : A SCRIB e (a skribe’) v.

To refer to; attribute; as, ascribe success to hard work

7. Circumscribe : circum SCRIB e (cir kum skribe’) v.

To draw a line around; set limits to

8. Conscript : con SCRIP t (kon skript’) v.

To enroll into military service; to draft

9. Conscript : con SCRIP t (kon’ script) n.

One drafted into military service

10. Description : de SCRIP tion (de skrip’ shun) n.

A representation in words of something seen

11. Inscription : in SCRIP tion (in skrip’ shun) n.

Words engraved on a stone or monument

12. Scrivener : SCRIV ener (skriv’ e ner) n.

A public writer; a scribe

13. Superscription : super SCRIP tion (Su per skrip’ shun) n.

Writing above an inscription

14. Prescription : pre SCRIP tion (pre skrip’ shun) n.

Written directions from a doctor for preparation of a medicine by a druggist

15. Script : SCRIP t (script) n.

Written characters; also short for manuscript, used in the theater

16. Scribe : SCRIBE (scribe) n.

A public writer acting as a clerk

17. Scrip : SCRIP (skrip) n.

A list; paper money; a means

18. Scripture : SCRIP ture (skrip; chur) n.

Any sacred writings especially, the Bible

19. Transcript : tran SCRIP t (trans’ kript) n.

A copy of something in writing, typing, or printing

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