ROOT-WORD is the Prefix SE which means APART, ASIDE & WITHOUT. This ROOT has an interesting personality, aside from its function as a prefix meaning ASIDE & APART. In Latin SE is the ablative case of SUI and means by itself, apart, aside. Now please look at our list. Nearly every word means exactly that, to be ASIDE & APART. Emily Dickinson, the classic example of a poet who wanted to be by herself, SEquestered herself from society.

1. Seclude : SE clued (si klude’) v.

Set apart; aside

2. Seclusion : SE clusion (si klue’ zhun) n.

State of being shut apart; along

3. Secure : SE cure (si kyur’) v.

Set aside carefully; to protect

4. Security : SE curity (si kyur’ it ee) n.

Condition of being protected; apart from danger

5. Secret : SE cret (se’ kret) n.

A thing apart; hidden

6. Secrete : SE crete (si krete’) v.

To hide away; store away; as, to secrete stolen goods

7. Secretion : SE cretion (si kree; shun) n.

Matter stored away for functional use

8. Secretive : SE cretive (see’ kret iv) adj.

Disposed to keep secrets; as, secretive by nature

9. Sequestration : SE questration (seek wes tra’ shun) n.

Separation; retirement from society

10. Secretary : SE cretary (sek’ re tar ee) n.

One entrusted with secrets; a confidential employee

11. Secern : SE cern (si sern’) v.

Withdraw; to separate oneself from government

12. Secede : SE cede (si sede’) v.

Withdraw; to separate oneself from government

13. Secession : SE cession (si sesh’ un) n.

State of withdrawal from government

14. Sedition : SE dition (si dish’ un) n.

Conduct tending to treason

15. Seditionist : SE ditionist (si dish’ un ist) n.

One who practices acts of sedition

16. Seduce : SE duce (si duse’) v.

To lead astray by fraud

17. Seducive : SE ductive (si duk’ tiv) adj.

Attractive; causing to be led astray

18. Select : SE lect (se lekt’) v.

To choose one from many and set it apart

19. Segregate : SE gregate (seg; re gate) v.

To cut off from the general mass; seclude

20. Separate : SE parate (sep’ a rate) v.

To disunite; to disconnect; to sever from others

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