Sentences in Future Tense

Sentences in Future Tense :

  1. He will choose her.
  2. He will close the door.
  3. He will do home work.
  4. He will drink water.
  5. He will eat rice.
  6. He will give money.
  7. He will go to the temple.
  8. He will read the story.
  9. He will return home.
  10. He will return the money.
  11. He will see a cinema.
  12. He will speak slowly.
  13. He will stay in a hotel.
  14. He will take the book.
  15. He will walk daily.
  16. He will write a letter.

  17. I will choose you.
  18. I will close the shop.
  19. I will do an art.
  20. I will drink Juice.
  21. I will eat idly.
  22. I will give the pen.
  23. I will go to the church.
  24. I will read a poem.
  25. I will return home.
  26. I will return the watch.
  27. I will see her.
  28. I will speak Hindi.
  29. I will stay in my home.
  30. I will take the watch.
  31. I will walk in the evening.
  32. I will write a guide.

  33. She will choose him.
  34. She will close the window.
  35. She will do a doll.
  36. She will drink soup.
  37. She will eat chapatti.
  38. She will give frock.
  39. She will go to the market.
  40. She will read the novel.
  41. She will return home.
  42. She will return necklace.
  43. She will see a movie.
  44. She will speak quickly.
  45. She will stay with me.
  46. She will take the pen.
  47. She will walk in the morning.
  48. She will write a story.

  49. They will choose him.
  50. They will close the business.
  51. They will do a problem.
  52. They will drink tea.
  53. They will eat pongal.
  54. They will give chain.
  55. They will go to the movie.
  56. They will read the letter.
  57. They will return home.
  58. They will return the calculator.
  59. They will see us.
  60. They will speak French.
  61. They will stay at in an inn.
  62. They will take the chance.
  63. They will walk.
  64. They will write the tale.

  65. We will choose them.
  66. We will close the house.
  67. We will do a help.
  68. We will drink coffee.
  69. We will eat fried rice.
  70. We will give bike.
  71. We will go to the theater.
  72. We will read the newspaper.
  73. We will return home.
  74. We will return the pen.
  75. We will see them.
  76. We will speak Latin.
  77. We will stay there.
  78. We will take the food.
  79. We will walk.
  80. We will write the statement.

  81. You will choose me.
  82. You will close the store.
  83. You will do a favor.
  84. You will drink liquid.
  85. You will eat dosai.
  86. You will give phone.
  87. You will go to the mosque.
  88. You will read a table.
  89. You will return home.
  90. You will return the bike.
  91. You will see me.
  92. You will speak English.
  93. You will stay here.
  94. You will take the chain.
  95. You will walk once a week.
  96. You will write a document.

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