Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense :

  1. He will live in Trichy.
  2. He will manage well.
  3. He will measure the length.
  4. He will name my son.
  5. He will negotiate the request.
  6. He will pirate at the sea.
  7. He will postpone the tour.
  8. He will praise me.
  9. He will preside over the function.
  10. He will rate high.
  11. He will remove the stain.
  12. He will restore me.
  13. He will revise the lesson.
  14. He will save the baby.
  15. He will shade the picture.
  16. He will share the cake.

  17. I will live in Mumbai.
  18. I will manage well.
  19. I will measure the weight.
  20. I will name you.
  21. I will negotiate the request.
  22. I will pirate at the sea.
  23. I will postpone my studies.
  24. I will praise you.
  25. I will preside over the function.
  26. I will rate medium.
  27. I will remove the stain.
  28. I will restore them.
  29. I will revise the lesson.
  30. I will save you.
  31. I will shade the picture.
  32. I will share the book.

  33. She will live in Chennai.
  34. She will manage well.
  35. She will measure the height.
  36. She will name my daughter.
  37. She will negotiate the request.
  38. She will pirate at the sea.
  39. She will postpone the plan.
  40. She will praise him.
  41. She will preside over the function.
  42. She will rate low.
  43. She will remove the lock.
  44. She will restore him.
  45. She will revise the lesson.
  46. She will save the old man.
  47. She will shade the picture.
  48. She will share the food.

  49. They will live enjoyably.
  50. They will manage well.
  51. They will measure the area.
  52. They will name us.
  53. They will negotiate the request.
  54. They will pirate at the sea.
  55. They will postpone the work.
  56. They will praise her.
  57. They will preside over the function.
  58. They will rate high.
  59. They will remove the stain.
  60. They will restore us.
  61. They will revise the lesson.
  62. They will save us.
  63. They will shade the picture.
  64. They will share the money.

  65. We will live calmly.
  66. We will manage well.
  67. We will measure the depth.
  68. We will name them.
  69. We will negotiate the request.
  70. We will pirate at the sea.
  71. We will postpone coming.
  72. We will praise you.
  73. We will preside over the function.
  74. We will rate low.
  75. We will remove the stain.
  76. We will restore them.
  77. We will revise the lesson.
  78. We will save her.
  79. We will shade the picture.
  80. We will share the room.

  81. You will live happily.
  82. You will manage well.
  83. You will measure the breadth.
  84. You will name me.
  85. You will negotiate the request.
  86. You will pirate at the sea.
  87. You will postpone going.
  88. You will praise them.
  89. You will preside over the function.
  90. You will rate high.
  91. You will remove the stain.
  92. You will restore him.
  93. You will revise the lesson.
  94. You will save him.
  95. You will shade the picture.
  96. You will share the house.

Simple Future Tense :


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