Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense :

This tense is used to express an action that will take place in the future time.

To talk about future action…

He will come tomorrow.
You will close the gate.
I will speak next.
She will get admission in Harvard.

In enquiry…

Where will I go now?
How will I get back?
When will you return?
Who will accompany you?

To express intention, promise, determination….

You will see a statue in front of the building.
When will you go home?
They will come at any time.
The Chief Minister will convene a meeting in this regard.

Examples :

1. We shall play cricket in the evening.
2. They will come here tomorrow to pay us a visit.
3. I shall come to your house tomorrow.
4. They will leave for Delhi tonight.
5. The meeting will be held on next Monday.
6. 1 shall complete my project this week .
7. We shall buy a T.V. next month.
8. You will know the result in a week.
9. The novelist will complete his book next month.
10. The population of our country will increase in the next ten years.

Word / phrases which will indicate the presence of this tense in the sentences

Newt week
next month
Next year
In 2006
In a little time
In the years to come
In future
On next Monday
in a few minute
In the coming days
Today evening
With in a week

Few more sentences in this tense form.

I will meet you tomorrow.
I will think of you.
I will take the pill before going to bed.
I will eat after you have eaten.
I will come at 9 o'clock.

We will go to school.
We will play football.
We will make dolls.
We will spend for education.
We will study about the computer.

You will swim well.
You will sleep at night.
You will send money to your sister.
You will fight against me.
You will buy a watch.

They will sleep at home.
They will go out.
They will meet the Chief Minister.
They will speak about you.
They will leave me.

He will write a letter.
He will do it.
He will sit on the chair.
He will say a story.
He will play tennis.

She will throw a ball.
She will come tomorrow.
She will take care of the children.
She will teach the students.
She will lend the books to her friends.

It will cry during night.
it will eat it.
It will ring at 12 o'clock.
It will come near me.
It will fly in the sky.

Simple Future Tense :

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