Simple Present Tense Worksheets

Simple Present Tense Worksheets :

Answer Form : Affirmative Form

  1. Caesar overcame properly.
  2. Camel is loaded.
  3. He lectures well.
  4. He licensed me.
  5. He lifted me.
  6. He maintained silence.
  7. He milks the cow.
  8. He misled me.
  9. He mistrusts me.
  10. He modifies the plan.
  11. He murders the leader.
  12. He neglects me.
  13. He opens the window.
  14. He operated the machine.
  15. He opposes the C.M.
  16. He ordered me to go.
  17. He overturns the foe.
  18. He packs everything.
  19. He peels a lot.
  20. I married her.
  21. I mistook him.
  22. I need money.
  23. I notify the matter.
  24. I observed keenly.
  25. I overdraw the money.
  26. I own a house.
  27. I participated.
  28. I penned a poem.
  29. I permitted him.
  30. I pictured the incident.
  31. I played cricket.
  32. Memorize the poem.
  33. Mind your words.
  34. Minimize the image.
  35. Park the vehicle.
  36. Pick the best.
  37. She is a member.
  38. She leaps down.
  39. She limits me.
  40. She listens to me.
  41. She locked the door.
  42. She lost money.
  43. She misunderstood it.
  44. She mixes liquors.
  45. She mumbles.
  46. She pages.
  47. She passed away.
  48. She pasted the picture.
  49. She pleases me.
  50. The banks are nationalized.
  51. The water overflows.
  52. They manufactured tyre.
  53. They painted the door.
  54. You must obey him.

    Negative Form :

  55. Caesar did not overcome properly.
  56. Camel is not loaded.
  57. Don't memorize the poem.
  58. Don't mind your words.
  59. Don't minimize the image.
  60. Don't park the vehicle.
  61. Don't pick the best.
  62. He did not license me.
  63. He did not lift me.
  64. He did not maintain silence.
  65. He did not mislead me.
  66. He did not operate the machine.
  67. He did not order me to go.
  68. He does not lecture well.
  69. He does not milk the cow.
  70. He does not mistrust me.
  71. He does not modify the plan.
  72. He does not murder the leader.
  73. He does not neglect me.
  74. He does not open the window.
  75. He does not oppose the C.M.
  76. He does not overturn the foe.
  77. He does not pack everything.
  78. He does not peel a lot.
  79. I did not marry her.
  80. I did not mistake him.
  81. I did not observe keenly.
  82. I did not participate.
  83. I did not pen a poem.
  84. I did not permit him.
  85. I did not picture the incident.
  86. I did not play cricket.
  87. I do not notify the matter.
  88. I do not own a house.
  89. I don't need money.
  90. I don't overdraw the money.
  91. She did not limit me.
  92. She did not lock the door.
  93. She did not lose money.
  94. She did not misunderstand it.
  95. She did not pass away.
  96. She did not paste the picture.
  97. She does not leap down.
  98. She does not listen to me.
  99. She does not mix liquors.
  100. She does not mumble.
  101. She does not page.
  102. She does not please me.
  103. She is not a member.
  104. The banks are not nationalized.
  105. The water does not overflow.
  106. They did not manufacture tyre.
  107. They did not paint the door.
  108. You must not obey him.

    Question Form :

  109. Are the banks nationalized?
  110. Did Caesar overcome properly?
  111. Did he lift me?
  112. Did he mislead me?
  113. Did he operate the machine?
  114. Did he Order me to go?
  115. Did I mistake him?
  116. Did she lock the door?
  117. Did she lose money?
  118. Did she misunderstand it?
  119. Did she pass away?
  120. Did she paste the picture?
  121. Did they paint the door?
  122. Did you marry her?
  123. Did you observe keenly?
  124. Did you participate?
  125. Did you pen a poem?
  126. Did you permit him?
  127. Did you picture the incident?
  128. Did you play cricket?
  129. Do they manufacture tyres?
  130. Do you memorize the poem?
  131. Do you mind your words?
  132. Do you minimize the image?
  133. Do you need money?
  134. Do you notify the matter?
  135. Do you overdraw the money?
  136. Do you own house?
  137. Do you park the vehicle?
  138. Do you pick the best?
  139. Does he mistrust me?
  140. Does he lecture well?
  141. Does he license me?
  142. Does he maintain silence?
  143. Does he milk the cow?
  144. Does he modify the plan?
  145. Does he murder the leader?
  146. Does he open the window?
  147. Does he oppose C.M?
  148. Does he overturn the foe?
  149. Does he pack everything?
  150. Does he peel a lot?
  151. Does she leap down?
  152. Does she limit me?
  153. Does she listen to me?
  154. Does she mix liquor?
  155. Does she mumble?
  156. Does she page?
  157. Does she please you?
  158. Does the water overflow?
  159. Dose he neglect me?
  160. Is she a member?
  161. Is the camel loaded?
  162. Must you obey him?

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