Singing and Nursery Rhyme

Singing and Nursery Rhyme :

Singing is the one of the most enjoyable verbal activities for all age-groups of learners in acquiring and using language. A wide range of objectives can be achieved through. All learners can be trained to sing as well as develop an appreciation for different rhythm patterns. Singing means to utter musical sounds or utter words in a succession, usually set to music. The following objectives of singing will enable the teacher to carefully select songs and chants for practice.

1. Acquire a sense of rhythm and different rhythm patterns

2. Develop an ear for melody

3. Be acquainted with and be able to produce a wide range of pitch and amplitude variations

4. Produce a variety of tones

5. Develop an ear and a taste for different styles of singing –classical, folk, jazz, pop, etc.

6. Familiarize himself with different grammatical structures as well as those modified to suit the lyrics and the melody

7. Acquire vocabulary, active and passive, related to different things

8. Develop confidence in uttering a variety of tones and melodies

Singing is thus an admirable activity of sensitizing pupils to the variety in volume, texture, tone and emotions of the human voice.


The teacher should start the singing class with relaxation and breathing exercise. These are to be followed by practice in singing the scales – ascending and descending. Nursery rhymes and popular songs provide sufficient practice material. Rhymes and songs which offer moods and emotions should be chosen.

STEP 1 : Teacher could make pupils listen to a music tape. She/He could compile rhymes or songs on a cassette, or sing/recite these herself. For example, “Row, row, row your boat" or “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?"

STEP 2 : Pupils repeat the rhyme/song line by line after the teacher.

STEP 3 : Pupils sing it on their own without a prompt by the teacher.

STEP 4 : Teacher asks pupils to sing the rhyme, first very slowly, then very quickly.

STEP 5 : Teacher asks pupils to sing it sadly and then happily.

Singing and Nursery Rhyme :

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