Song for Daisy

Song for Daisy :

The sun, with his great eye,
Sees not so much as I;
And the moon, all silver-proud,
Might as well be in a cloud.

And O the spring – the spring
I lead the life of a king!
Couch’d in the teeming grass,
I spy each pretty lass.

I look where no one dares,
And I stare where no one stares,
And when the night is nigh,
Lambs bleat my lullaby.

John Keats

John Keats (1795 –1821) is one of the greatest Romantic poets of English literature. Elaborate word choice and sensual imagery characterize his poetry. He wrote a series of odes that were his masterpieces and they still remain the most popular poems in English literature.

Song for Daisy :

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