ROOT-WORD is SOPH which means WISDOM. It comes from the Greek sophos. The list points up the fact that the SOPH laughs at true wisdom at the very moment when he himself tries to appear wise. The poor SOPHomore is hard put to it pretending to be wise when he has only just come out of the freshman class. His SOPHistication sits uneasily on his immaturity. SOPHocles was the writer of the great Greek tragedies Antigone, Electra, Oedipus Rex. SOPHocles lived up to his name.

1. Sophic : SOPH ie (sof’ ik) adj.

Full of wisdom; intellectual

2. Sophical : SOPH ical (sof’ i kal) adj.

Relating to wisdom

3. Sophiology : SOPH iology (sof i ol’ o ji) n.

The science of human ideas

4. Sophism : SOPH ism (sof’ iz um) n.

An argument deceptively reasonable, but hiding a fallacy

5. Sophist : SOPH ist (sof’ ist) n.

One who reasons falsely

6. Sophistry : SOPH istry (sof’ i stree) n.

Deceptive reasoning

7. Sophistical : SOPH istical (so fis’ ti k’l) adj.

In the nature of sophistry; deceptive

8. Sophisticate : SOPH isticate (sof is’ ti kate) v.

Falsify; to make worldly-wise

9. Sophisticated : SOPH isticated (so fis’ ti kat ed) adj.

Worldly-wise; artificial

10. Sophistication : SOPH istication (so fis ti kay’ shun) n.

A state of worldliness; artificiality

11. Unsophisticated : un SOPH isticated (un so fis’ ti kate ed) adj.

Not artificial; not worldly-wise

12. Sophisticator : SOPH isticator (so fis’ ti kay tor) n.

One who falsifies, sophisticates

13. Unsophisticatedness: un SOPH insticatedness(un so fis ti kate’ ed nes).


14. Sophomore : SOPH omore (Sof’ om or) n.

Student in the second year of high school or college

15. Sophomoric : SOPH omoric (sof o more’ ik) adj.

Like a sophomore; immature

16. Sophoclean : SOPH oclean (sof’ o klee an) adj.

Relating to the great Greek playwright called “The wise one"

17. Philosopher : philo SOPH er (fi los’ o fer) n.

One who loves wisdom

18. Philosophism : philo SOPH ism (fi los’ o fiz um) n.

Sophistry; falsification

19. Unsophisticate : un SOPH isticate (un so fis’ ti kate) n.

A person who is not sophisticated

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