ROOT-WORD is SPHERE which means BALL & SPHERE. It comes from the Greek sphaira. The effect of the word list is surely to make one wish to be an astronaut and get a chance to realize some of these words. One feels lifted out of the geosphere and pulled up to the universe of spheres.

1. Sphere : SPHERE (sfer) n.

A planet; a globe

2. Spherical : SPHER ical (sfer’ i kal) adj.

Relating to a sphere; having the form of a sphere

3. Spheration : SPHER ation (sae ray’ shun) n.

The process of forming a sphere

4. Spheroid : SPHER oid (sfer’ oid) adj.

Resembling a sphere; globular

5. Spherics : SPHER ics (sfer’ iks) n.

The details of the science of spheres

6. Spheriform : SPHER iform (sfer’ i form) adj.

Having the shape of a sphere

7. Spherometer : SPHER ometer (sfer om’ et er) n.

Instrument to measure the curvature of spherical surfaces

8. Atmosphere : atom SPHERE (at’ mo sfer) n.

The mass of air surrounding the earth

9. Stratosphere : strato SOGERE (strat’ o sfer) n.

The upper portion of the atmosphere

10. Troposphere : tropo SPHDRE (troe’ po sfer) n.

The portion of the atmosphere below the stratosphere

11. Astrosphere : astro SPHERE (as’ tro sfer) n.

A star except for its central portion

12. Pyrosphere : pyro SPHERE (pie’ ro sfer) n.’

The hot central portion of the earth

13. Photosphere : photo SPHERE (fote’ o sfter) n.

The layer of light which surrounds the sun

14. Lithosphere : litho SPHERE (lith’ o sfer) n.

The solid part of the earth

15. Leucosphere : leuco SPHERE (lue’ ko sfer) n.

The inner corona

16. Geosphere : geo SPHER (jee’ o sfer) n.

The solid earth

17. Chromosphere : chromo SPHERE (kroe’ mo sfer) n.

The ruddy, gaseous layer surrounding the sun

18. Hydrosphere : hydro SPHERE (hie’ dro sfer) n.

All the water and the vapor in the atmosphere

19. Biosphere : bio SPHERE (bie’ o sfer) n.

The area of a sphere in which there are living organisms

20. Hemisphere : hemi SPHERE (hem’ i sfer) n.

Half of the earth

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