spill the beans

spill the beans :

full of beans


in high spirits - informal

This phrase was originally used by people who work with horses and referred to the good condition of a horse fed on beans.

give someone beans

scold or deal severely with a person - informal

a row of beans = a hill of beans

something of little importance or value - informal

1999 - SL (Cape Town) - I think that what your friends and family think shouldn't amount to a hill of beans.

know how many beans make five

be intelligent

have your wits about you – British informal

not have a bean

be penniless - informal

Bean was an early 19th-century slang term for a golden guinea or sovereign. In the sense of a coin, it now survives only in this phrase.

spill the beans

reveal secret information, especially unintentionally or indiscreetly – informal

spill the beans :

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