State of the art

State of the art :


Vulgar slang

Go arse over tit

Fall over in a sudden or dramatic way

Kiss my arse

Go away! Go to hell! - Vulgar slang

Kiss someone's arse = Kiss someone's ass

Behave obsequiously towards someone - vulgar slang

Lick someone's arse = Lick someone's boots

Be excessively obsequious towards someone, especially to gain favour.

Not know your arse from your elbow

Be totally ignorant or incompetent

A pain in the neck

An annoying or tedious person or thing – informal

A pain in the ass

An annoying or tedious person or thing – informal - USA

A pain in the arse

An annoying or tedious person or thing – informal

Art for art's sake

The idea that a work of art has no purpose beyond itself

This phrase is the slogan of artists who hold that the chief or only aim of a work of art is the self-expression of the individual artist who creates it.

Be art and part of

Be an accessory or participant in.

Be deeply involved in.

Be art and part of was originally a Scottish legal expression : art referred to the bringing about of an action and part to participation in it.

Have something down to a fine art = Get something down to a fine

Art achieve a high level of skill, facility or accomplishment in some activity through experience.

State of the art

The most recent stage in the development of a product, incorporating the newest ideas and the most up-to-date features

An article of faith

A firmly held belief

Article is here used in the sense of a statement or item in a summary of religious belief.

1994 - Paul Ormerod - The Death of Economics - It is an article of faith in orthodox economics that free trade between nations is wholly desirable.

The finished article

Something that is complete and ready for use

The genuine article

A person or thing considered to be an authentic and excellent example of their kind

As and when

Used to refer to an uncertain future event

1996 – She - The single most important strategy you can adopt to boost your energy levels is to learn to deal with an issue as and when it rears its head.

As if

Used to express the speaker's belief that something is very doubtful or unlikely – informal

As it were

In a way (used to be less precise)

1991 - Atlantic jazz - audiences permit older musicians to go on suiting up, as it were, until they drop

State of the art :

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