ROOT-WORD is STEREO which means SOLID. It comes from the Greek stereo which means a solid body. Years ago the Root STEREO was mainly associated with a STEREOpticon which is an optical instrument for throwing pictures on a screen. Today, with the advent of motion pictures and the STEREOscope, and its use with a phonograph, illustrated lectures are given in the classroom with great profit to the student.

1. Stereo : STEREO (ster’ ee oe) n.

An abbreviated way of referring to a stereo type or stereophonic system

2. Stereotype : STEREO type (sister’ ee o tipe) v.

To fix in lasting form

3. Steregram : STEREO gram (ster’ ee o gram) n.

A picture of objects in relief

4. Stereotomy : STEREO tomy (ster ee ot’ o me) n.

The art of cutting solids

5. Stereometry : STEREO metry (ster ee om’ e tri) n.

Art of finding the volume of a solid figure

6. Stereotype : STEREO type (ster’ ee o tipe) n.

Anything reproduced without variation

7. Stereopticon : STEREO pticon (ster ee op’ ti kon) n.

An instrument to put the images produced by transparent slides on a screen

8. Stereoscope : STEREO scope (ster’ ee o skope) n.

Instrument which gives to pictures the impression of solidity

9. Stereoscopic : STEREO scopic (ster ee o skop’ ik) adj.

Like a stereoscope

10. Stereoscopy : STEREO scopy (ster ee os’ ko pee) n.

Science which deals with stereoscopic effects and methods

11. Stereopsis : STEREO psis (ster ee op’ sis) n.

Stereoscopic vision

12. Stereoscopism : STEREO scopism (ster ee os’ ko piz um) n.

Stereoscopic effects

13. Stereoscopist : STEREO scopist (ster ee os’ ko pist) n.

A person skilled in stereoscopy

14. Stereotyper : STEREO typer (ste’ re o type r) n.

One who stereotypes

15. Stereoplasm : STEREO plasm (ster’ ee o plza um) n.

The solid part of cell protoplasm

16. Stereochemistry : STEREO chemistry (ster ee o kem’ i stree) n.

A science dealing with the arrangement of atoms and molecules in space

17. Streomatrix : STEREO matrix (ster ee o may’ triks) n.

Mold used in stereotyping

18. Sterecome : STEREO me (Ster’ ee ome) n.

Strengthening tissue in plants

19. Stereograph : STEREO graph (ster’ ee o graf) n.

Stereographic art

20. Stereography : STEREO graphy (ster ee og’ ra fee) n.

Picture prepared for the stereoscope

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