turn my stomach

Sangeet is turning my stomach.

You mean the horror film that everyone is talking about? Of course not! You know that horror movies just
turn my stomach.

Horror movies turn your stomach? In which direction?

Ha! Ha! Very funny! When you say that something turns your stomach, it means that it makes you sick. It disgusts or nauseates you.

I see. The thing makes you feel so terrible that you feel like vomiting.

That's right.

For example:

When I saw the boy lying there in a pool of blood, it turned my stomach.

Goya hadn't cleaned his apartment for several weeks. The moment I entered, the stench turned my stomach. How does that sound?

Sounds great.

How about this one? The hypocrisy of our so called leaders turns my stomach.

Please, let's not talk about politicians. You need to have a
strong stomach to talk about them so early in the morning.

Have a strong stomach! Does that mean to see horrible things and not get upset or sick?

That's right. Someone who has a strong stomach has the ability to do or see things that are unpleasant without feeling upset or sick. For example, if you are taking someone to see that horror film in Sangeet, make sure that the person has a strong stomach.

People working in slaughter houses must have strong stomachs.

I don't think I can stomach any more of this. I am leaving.

Leaving? But where.

I am having breakfast with Vyomekesh at the new Udipi restaurant.

You two must have a
cast iron stomach.

Stomach again? What does cast iron stomach mean?

Well, when you say that someone has a cast iron stomach, it means he/she can eat anything and digest it.

Sounds like my cousin Karthick. He can eat anything and digest it. Including his sister's cooking. I am sure he has a cast iron stomach.

If you want to survive Sushma's cooking, you need a cast iron stomach. Unfortunately, her husband, Anand, doesn't have one.

If I were you I wouldn't make fun of your friend's wife. The girl you marry may turn out to be a terrible cook too.

That's true.

Is your new colleague's wife a good cook?

Dorai's wife? She must be.

What makes you say that?

Why, just look at Dorai. He has got the biggest
breadbasket I have ever seen.


Well, a person's breadbasket is his....

Wait! Wait! Let me guess. Since we have been talking about the stomach all the time, a person's breadbasket must be his tummy!

You're absolutely right. Here's an example. Yesterday, I sat next to a man whose breadbasket was bigger than your Principal's.

Really? With a breadbasket that big he must be having problems finding clothes that fit him.

Could be. By the way, the stomach can also be called a `dinner basket'. But remember, `dinner basket' and `breadbasket' are considered to be slang.

That probably means I should use them only in informal contexts.


COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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