Storytelling :

‘Once upon a time’-the marvelous, magical, opening phrase of a story takes you to the world where everything is possible, where the unknown, the mysterious, the fantastic, the unexpected and the exciting beckon, where the imagination gallops to horizon creating wonderful worlds of adventures. As a technique for the development of aural-oral skills, it is one of the most powerful and effective development stimuli. However, this is only one of the ways in which a story can be introduced.

Others include…

i. Showing a picture of the characters, a place or an object which is in the story

ii. Asking questions related to the child’s own experiences, family, toys which echo the theme or content of the story

iii. Plunging into the story with a one-line introduction: “I’m going to tell you a story about…"

Listening to stories, prepares learners to become proficient in using language for a range of communicative needs in a variety of interactive situation. The child is exposed to structured narrative, different kinds of vocabulary items, concepts, ideas and emotions. He learns to use appropriate words and a variety of sentence patterns in different style and registers to express himself and to explain something. Also, story telling as a language development technique stimulates a lifelong interest in reading.

The highly stimulating and rich language experience for the learner is possible through storytelling. It develops his listening ability, understanding of content, skill of deduction and reasoning and the capacity for self-expression and selfunderstanding.

A well told story by teacher is a model for pupils to learn to tell a story, describe an event or narrate an experience effectively and creatively.

Storytelling :

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