struct & struc

ROOT-WORDS are STRU & STRUCT meaning BUILD. It comes from the Latin struere, structus, meaning build. As the ROOT implies, every word with it is a word of action.

1. Structure : STRUCT ure (struk’ chur) n.

A building; an arrangement

2. Structural : STRUCT ural (struk’ chur al) adj.

Relating to structure; as, a structural error

3. Construction : con STRUCT ion (kon struk’ shun) n.

The act of bringing together all the elements of a building

4. Destructive : de STRUCT ive (de struk’ tiv) adj.

Tending to hinder; to destroy

5. Industry : indu STRY (in’ dus tree) n.

Diligence at one’s job; productive business

6. Construe : con STRU e (kon strue’) v.

To explain; to arrange words and phrases so as to make sense

7. Industrious : indu STRI ous (in dus’ tree us) adj.

Energy and zeal to work

8. Instructor : in STRUCT or (in struk’ ter) n.

One who teaches; a teacher

9. Instruction : in STRUCT ion (in struk’ shun) n.

Teaching; information; education

10. Instructive : in STRUCT ive (in struk’ tiv) adj.

Tending to teach; enlightening

11. Instrument : in STRU ment (in; stru ment) n.

A tool to build with

12. Instrumental : in STRU mental (in stru ment’ al) adj.

Relating to an instrument helpful in building

13. Instrumentalist : in STRU mentalist (in strue men’ tal ist) n.

One who plays on a musical instrument

14. Obstruct : ob STRUCT (ob strukt’) v.

Build against; prevents building

15. Obstruction : ob STRUCT ion (ob struk’ shun) n.

That which blocks; clogs; hinders

16. Obstructive : ob STRUCT ive (ob struk’ tiv) adj.

Hindering; opposing; blocking

17. Reconstruct : recon STRUCT (re kon strukt’) v.

Build over again; make over

18. Reconstruction : recon STRUCT ion (re kon struk’ shun) n.

Rebuilding; remaking

19. Reconstructionist : recon STRUCT ionist (re kon struk’ shun ist) n.

One who wants rebuilding

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