Summer Noon

Summer Noon :

How do you like summer?
What kinds of games do you play in summer?
Where would you like to go in summer?

We have many poems describing the rain, but very few describing the heat of the sun. Read this one.

It's the reign of parching earth,
Oh Sun, your great glaring mirth,
Withered gardens with heat waves,
And panting hives, nests and caves,
Stables; palace, houses, huts,
Feet and wheels on roads and ruts!

Rivers, dams, canals and farms,
In shade panting tool-less arms,
Infants in cradles or laps,
Oh, everywhere the noon naps!
It's too hard to bear pains,
Slackness of market and lanes!

Oh Sun! Adorn the earth soon
With rains, the heavenly boon!


Summer Noon :

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