Swanky Donkey

Swanky Donkey :

Swanky is a boastful donkey. After running off from a village and settling in the forest, he used to tell tales about his fast. Everyday, he would find someone to listen to him.

On this particular day, Swanky saw a few policemen standing by the roadside, looking tired.

“Why are you looking so tired?" asked Swanky.

“We were chasing some thieves and they have escaped," replied the policemen.

“Oh no! You should not have let them go," said Swanky. “Do you know what I did with some thieves sometimes ago," Swanky began his tale.

“I was also chasing some thieves. They were whizzing along in a fast car as I chased them on foot. When I saw them speeding up, I tossed out a long rope that had a hook at the other end. I hooked the thieves’ car by its bumper, and then, pulled the rope in. The thieves revved up their engine. I tugged at the rope with all my might. Then, do you know what I did? I let the rope go. The car suddenly rolled forward, toppled, and turned upside down! I did not waste a second. I caught all the thieves and tied them with the same rope, and dragged them to the king. Why did not you do something like that?" Asked Swanky.

“Telling lies is a crime in this country. Do you know that?" A policeman replied with a question.

In a second, our valiant Swanky disappeared.

Swanky Donkey :

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