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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

46. PERSUADE : (ANSWER : C - If you persuade me to do something, you try to convince me that it should be done.)

(a) assure (b) opinionated (c) convince (d) cheat

47. FORTIFY : (ANSWER : D - When you fortify a place, you make it as if it were a fort. A fort has a wall or ditch round it and is not easy to attack. Thus, if you fortify something, you strengthen it.)

(a) topple (b) destroy (c) reproduce (d) strengthen

48. PHENOMENAL : (ANSWER : D - There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of dish antennas in recent years. That is, the rise in number is much, much more than ordinarily expected. The increase is thus extraordinary — more than ordinary.)

(a) incidental (b) eventful (c) natural (d) extraordinary

49. PARADIGM : (ANSWER : B - A paradigm is a model for something which explains it or shows how it can be produced.)

(a) solution (b) model (c) discovery (d) invention

50. HONORARY : (ANSWER : C - Government servants are not allowed to receive money from any other job. Suppose an income-tax officer desired to edit this book, he would then have to be the honorary editor of this book. That is, he cannot receive any payment as wages for editing the book. An honorary job is thus unpaid for.)

(a) honest (b) dignified (c) unpaid (d) praiseworthy

51. FACULTY : (ANSWER : D - Your faculties are your physical and mental abilities. We have all been endowed with the faculty of imagination. Most of us, however, kill it through an exercise of constant neglect.)

(a) privilege (b) desire (c) branch (d) ability

52. FORESEE : (ANSWER : B - If you visualise something, you imagine what it is like by forming a mental picture of it. You may visualise future events as well, your wedding for example. You thus foresee your wedding.)

(a) contemplate (b) visualise (c) assume (d) hypothesis

53. ANNEX : (ANSWER : A - From Akbar to Aurangzeb, every Mughal emperor went on annexing one kingdom or another to what they inherited. In other words, each of them added to his father’s empire.)

(a) add (b) low (c) copy (d) initial

54. MENAGE : (ANSWER : D - A menage is a group of people living together in one house. In other words, a household.)

(a) suffocation (b) system (c) law (d) household

55. DILEMMA : (ANSWER : D - If you are in a dilemma, you do not know what to do. In other words, you are in confusion.)

(a) darkness (b) freedom (c) trap (d) confusion

56. RIGMAROLE : (ANSWER : B - A rigmarole is a lengthy and complicated procedure which you do not like.)

(a) short-cut (b) lengthy procedure (c) unnecessary burden (d) happy responsibility

57. TRANSCEND : (ANSWER : D - If you ascend, you go up. If you descend, you go down. If you transcend, you go across. In other words, you cross.)

(a) lower (b) climb (c) energise (d) cross

58. IMPERATIVE : (ANSWER : D - An imperative is something that is extremely important and must be done. In other words, it is a necessity. Revision of obsolete laws has become an imperative for the 50-year-old country.)

(a) order (b) command (c) suggestion (d) necessity

59. EXEMPT : (ANSWER : C - Certain categories of companies have been exempted from paying tax. That is, they do not have to shoulder the burden of tax-paying. In other words, their burden has been relieved of.)

(a) duty (b) provide (c) relieve of (d) forgive

60. INFIRMITY : (ANSWER : C - If something is firm, it is strong enough to maintain its balance. Infirmity therefore suggests weakness.)

(a) disease (b) malady (c) weakness (d) slimness

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