Synonyms Exercises

Synonyms Exercises :


DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

61. IMMINENT : (ANSWER : D - Imminent means about to happen.)

(a) eminent (b) immediate (c) future (d) impending

62. CHASTE : (ANSWER : D - Filth means dirt, Lewd means characterless. A chaste person does not have sex with anyone or has it only with his or her spouse.)

(a) filthy (b) lewd (c) immoral (d) noble

63. FASCINATE : (ANSWER : A - Fasinate refers to attract the strong attention and interest of someone.)

(a) captivate (b) irritating (c) fashionable (d) impulsive

64. CURVATURE : (ANSWER : A - angularity)

(a) angularity (b) straightness (c) short-cut (d) streamline

65. SUMMIT : (ANSWER : D - Peak. Summit is the highest point.)

(a) base (b) slope (c) declivity (d) peak

66. WEAN : (ANSWER : D - Alienate means to withdraw.)

(a) introduce (b) withdraw (c) detach (d) alienate

67. MENDACIOUS : (ANSWER : D - Mendacious is something untruthful.)

(a) irritating (b) misleading (c) provocative (d) untruthful

68. OSTRACISED : (ANSWER : B - Ostracised is shutout from the society.)

(a) hated (b) shut out from the society (c) criticised (d) applauded by the majority

69. SPURIOUS : (ANSWER : A - Spurions is false.)

(a) false (b) harmful (c) poisonous (d) foreign

70. OBNOXIOUS : (ANSWER : C - disagreeable, unpleasant, nasty, offensive)

(a) clever (b) shrewd (c) disagreeable (d) outdated

71. PERNICIOUS : (ANSWER : B - Pernicious is ruinous, injurious, hurtful. Baneful is destructive.)

(a) radical (b) baneful (c) scientific (d) negative

72. RECTIFY : (ANSWER : B - Rectify is to correct.)

(a) to command (b) to correct (c) to destroy (d) to build

73. CORDON : (ANSWER : D - Cordon means a line of policemen or soldiers which guards or prevents people entering or leaving an area As it is not covered any of the options, answer should be ‘none of these. )

(a) pile of logs (b) heavy cloak (c) line of people placed as guard (d) none of these

74. CONCERT : (ANSWER : C - Concert means together.)

(a) beauty (b) power (c) agreement (d) none of these

75. MITIGATE : (ANSWER : A - Mitigate means to heal, to reduce, to release someone of his sufferings.)

(a) to heal (b) soothen (c) to pardon (d) to send on a mission

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