tend, tent & tens

ROOT-WORDS are TEND, TENS & TENT which come from the Latin meaning STRETCH & STRAIN. The Latin Root has three spellings - tendo, tensus and tentus. Therefore the English words based on this Root have the three spellings. A very pleasant word for us today is No. 20 on the list. Every relaxation of strained relations in the world gives us a hope for final peace.

1. Intend : in TEND (in tend’) v.

To plan; aim to do; as, I intend to succeed

2. Intendance : in TEND ance (in ten’ dans) n.

Control; management; superintendence

3. Intendancy : in TEND ancy (in ten’ dan si) n.

The office of a manager

4. Intention : in TENT ion (in ten’ chun) n.

Purpose; as, the intention is honorable

5. Intently : in TENT ly (in tent’ ly) adv.

With concentration; as, listening intently

6. Intendment : in TEND ment (in tend’ ment) n.

The true meaning; insight; as, the intendment of the law

7. Tense : TENS e (tens) adj.

Strained; nervous

8. Tension : TENS ion (ten’ chun) n.

Strain; nervousness

9. Intensity : in TENS ity (in ten’ sit ee) n.

Quality of strain

10. Intensify : in TENS ify (in ten’ si fie) v.

Make more intense; strengthen

11. Intensifier : in TENS ifier (in ten’ si fie er) n.

One who intensifies

12. Intensification : in TENS ification (in ten si fi kay’ shun) n.

The state of increased tension

13. Intent : in TENT (in tent’) adj.

Absorbed; earnest; as, intent on the problem

14. Intensive : in TENS ive (in ten’ siv) adj.

Emphasizing; as, the intensive pronoun himself

15. Attention : at TENT ion (a ten’ chun) n.

Concentration upon; as, pay attention to the speaker

16. Inattention : inat TENT ion (in a ten’ chun) n.

Lack of attention

17. Unintentionally : unin TENT ionally (un in tench’ un al ee) adv.

Without meaning to; as, unintentionally rude

18. Distend : dis TEND (dis tend’) v.

Stretch out

19. Detention : de TENT ion (de ten’ chun) n.

The holding back; as, detention in jail

20. Detente : de TENT e (day tant’) n.

Relaxation of strained relations

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