tent, ten, tain & tinu

ROOT-WORDS are TEN, TENT, TAIN & TINU. All come from the Latin teneo which means HOLD TOGETHER & HOLD. Looking down the word list I am certain that you are beginning to realize that the more than half-hundred ROOT-WORDS which you have accumulated have begun to pay dividends.

1. Tenant : TEN ant (ten’ ant) n.

One who holds a lease on a house or apartment; occupant

2. Untenanted : un TEN anted (un ten’ and ed) adj.

Not lived in; not having tenants

3. Tenable : TEN able (ten’ a b’l) adj.

Able to be held, defended; as, a tenable argument

4. Untenable : un TEN able (un ten’ a b’l) adj.

Cannot be held; not tenable

5. Tenacity : TEN acity (te nas’ it ee) n.

The quality of holding together; as, tenacity of purpose

6. Tenacious : TEN acious (te nay’ shus) adj.

Tending to hold gogether firmly

7. Contents : con TENT s (kon; tents) n.

What is held together; contained; as, the contents of a room

8. Contented : con TENT ed (kon tent’ ed) adj.

Easy in mind; as, contented with one’s lot

9. Discontented : discon TENT ed (disk on tent’ ed) adj.

Not contented

10. Contentment : con TENT ment (kon tent’ ment) n.

Satisfaction with one’s lot

11. Intention : in TENT (in tent’) adj.

Holding one’s mind on the matter at hand; engrossed; as, intenton the work

12. Intention : in TENT ion (in ten’ chun) n.

Aim; resolve; as, it is my intention to study medicine

13. Maintain : main TAIN (mane tane’) v.

To keep up; uphold firmly

14. Maintenance : main TEN ance (mante’ en ans) n.

Support; as, maintenance of valuables

15. Retain : re TAIN (re tane’) v.

To keep; to hold secure; as, retain control of

16. Retentive : re tent ive (re tent’ iv) adj.

Tending to hold; as, a retentive memory

17. Continue : con TIN ue (kon tin’ yue) v.

To carry on; to keep on; as, continue to beg

18. Continual : con TIN ual (kon tin’ yu al) adj.

Often repeated; as continual ringing of the phone

19. Continually : con TIN ually (kon tin’ yu al ee) adv.

Without stopping

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