The Accident

The Accident :

Thomas Peay

My father was involved in a very serious car wreck about three years ago. This accident really took our family by surprise. One minute my dad was on his way to a work related meeting and the next minute he was on his way to the hospital. Since our family had never experienced a tragedy like this before, we were all initially in shock. When something happens that you are not expecting, you have no idea what the family reaction will be.

Accident presented our family with many life-challenging events. First of all, we were brought very close together as a tremendous support team for my dad. He was very distraught for the first time I can ever remember. He was always the strong one that our family looked up to for guidance and support. Now, the turn of events had him looking to us to support, comfort and guide him. The problem with stepping into a role such as this challenged each of us in our own way. My dad needed us more than ever and yet we were all scared. He not only had physical injuries to recuperate from, but he also had emotional damage related to the accident. Here we were, the five of us huddled together as one. We spent time together reflecting on the importance of loving each other and never taking a day for granted. We also spent time alone trying to figure out why this had to happen to my dad. We can never understand all of the whys in life. Yet, we all try to gain wisdom from the ups and downs we each experience. My dad soon learned that he did not have to go through this alone. Our family had always been there and would always be there to stand behind each other.

Families have a tremendous responsibility to each other in life. I would certainly hope that my family would always be there to help me when I need it. Yes, families should always work together to support one another and uphold each other in times of need. Sharing our lives for many years builds relationships that only time and experiences can grow and mature. I am sure that many of the specifics of the accident were kept between my mom and dad. They wanted to maintain a certain level of discretion to avoid scaring my brother, sister and I. However, I do remember that emotions were up and down for many months after the accident. My parents did teach me something valuable through this that I will never forget. Life is too precious to waste our time feuding over the minor inconveniences and situations we encounter. It is more important to build relationships with each other that will last a lifetime. Every day is a new beginning to show kindness and love toward those that are most important to us.

My dad has fully recuperated from his physical injuries. However, he still leans on us at times to help him with the emotional trauma that haunts him. I know that he will be all right and I know that I will be there along the way to help with life’s journeys. We each have lessons to learn and wisdom to gain as life goes on and on. I am going to take one day at a time and stay focused on what is really important.

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The Accident :

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