The Belief of each man is right in his own eyes.

The Belief of each man is right in his own eyes.

Do not rob Peter to pay Paul.

This proverb instructs us that our borrowing should be repaid out of our own efforts and not by taking away from others. It warns us not to take away one’s possession, knowingly or unknowingly to pay off another, implying the meaning that we should not borrow or take away one’s money or other things to pay the debt already incurred, i.e., one should repay the debt borrowed already out of his income or possession only and not by borrowing again.

People have the habit of borrowing money from others for one or the other reason. When the money borrowed is within the limit of one s repaying capability it doesn’t seed to be troublesome. When one is unable to repay the money within the stipulated time, one has to borrow again from some other person. When it is not possible one tries to stealthily take away or get it deceiving others. When one indulges in such activities one has to face troubles and sometimes, it leads to spoil the image. Moreover it creates the impression that such a person is not capable of repaying the borrowed money. This proverb indicates that one can borrow to meet the urgent needs or an acute necessity and that too must be within his capability of paying back it. In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare explains such a situation. Antonio is a generous and rich merchant. When his friend Bassanio is badly in need of money, Antonio borrows money from the money lender Shylock as Antonio is not able to lend him at that time. Accidentally, Antonio fails to repay the borrowed money in time. So he faces trial in court.

The Belief of each man is right in his own eyes.

This proverb expresses that everyone thinks in his point of view that whatever he thinks and believes, they are right and others are wrong. It is very difficult for everyone to give way for others’ thoughts.

This is a tendency prevailing with every human being that he considers himself a superior and believes that his own beliefs alone are right and that of others are wrong. His superiority complex does not allow him to invite and accept opinion or beliefs of others. The egotism of a man does not permit him to go beyond what he has experienced or understood about a thing or a matter and so he refuses to accept the idea or suggestion of others. When it creates friction among the families, friends, societies, states and nations, one may blame others stating that they gave wrong ideas. Even in international issues one country accuses the other whereas the other country refuses to accept it thinking that its beliefs are right.

For a common solution, every nation should approach the issue considering the pros and cons that to be caused to the public in general with perseverance and broadmindedness.

Each politician or political party thinks that his or her beliefs are right. Individual differences also play a vital role. Political leaders create their problems and make them their prestige issues and fight for them. Nowadays in India many political parties are fighting for the cause of religion, communalism and other issues like Ram Janma Bhoomi and Babri Masjid without considering the chaos and anarchy to the public. Each sect insists its own belief and makes it a big issue quarrelling in the parliament and assemblies too, tinging it a common issue. They don’t think about the troubles and tribulations that are caused to the public.

It is true that each man’s belief is right in his point of view. But we must try to approach an issue, not in our point of view but for the common good.

The Belief of each man is right in his own eyes.


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