The Bold Approach

The Bold Approach :

Jessica was an intelligent girl. She lived with her parents and loved them very much. Jessica’s parents used to quarrel with each other over household matters. Jessica remained sad because of this. One afternoon, she returned from school and she saw her aunt sitting beside her mother on the dining table. They were engrossed in a deep conversation.

“Hello aunt!" Jessica greeted her aunt.

“Hello Jessica!" replied her aunt embracing Jessica.

Seeing her aunt Jessica felt extremely happy.

Jessica’s mother went into the kitchen. Jessica took her aunt to her bedroom and made her sit comfortably on the bed.

Jessica wanted to ask her aunt many questions. But she feared lest her mother should come to know about it.

Holding a book in her hands she was lost in deep thoughts. “Should I bring the quarrel to the notice of my aunt for a better solution" If I do so, I shall incur the wrath of my mother. She might not want me to disclose family secrets to others."

With great courage and determination she spoke to he aunt, “My mother and father had a quarrel last night. My mother is very upset. I want to help my mother out. My father’s rude behavior causes great sufferings to my mother."

Jessica’s aunt said, “Are you scared of their quarrel?"

Jessica replied with a sad voice, “Yes aunt! They quarrel all the time. Sometimes, they shout at me without any reason. Have I done anything wrong?"

Jessica’s aunt held Jessica’s hands out of sympathy.

Her aunt said, “Do not get frustrated. Everything will be all right. However, I shall discuss the matte4r with your mother."

Jessica’s aunt further remarked, “You have done nothing wrong. But you were brave enough to tell frankly your family problem to me. You need not be afraid."

After a little while, Jessica’s aunt asked her for a piece of paper. Holding it in her left hand she said to Jessica, “I am writing down my telephone number on it. Whenever you face a family problem in future, give me a ring at once."

Jessica’s heart lightened hearing the sympathetic words of her aunt. She smiled and thanked her aunt for this loving gesture.

Before going back home Jessica’s aunt talked to Jessica’s mother and made her understand the intricacies of a husband-wife relationship.

A few months later, there was a dispute again between Jessica’s mother and father. Immediately Jessica grew restless. With the hope of bringing about a solution, she made a call to her aunt.

MORAL : If things go beyond your control, it is always wise to request your elders to find a solution to your family problems.

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