The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man :

Simple Simon

One evening, Simple Simon met a pie man. The pie man was on his way to a food fair in the village.

“Dear pie man, let me taste one of your pies," said Simple Simon.

“Alright, but first you have to give me a penny. Then I will give you a pie," said the pie man.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have any money," said Simple Simon. The pie man smiled and left Simple Simon standing by the roadside. Simon did not have a pie from the pie-man who did not give pie to the Simon because Simon did not give penny to the pie-man.

Moral of the story :

Everything has a price. We have to pay the price to attain what we want. Otherwise, our life will not make a progress.

Star Wish

In a faraway land, there lived an orphan named Emily. She lived in an orphanage and had lots of friends. Nevertheless, she wanted a mother and a father. She stood by the window and looked up to the sky. She saw one single bright star. She wished upon that star.

“Oh bright star, I wish I have a mother and a father. Have this wish and make my wish come true," said Emily softly.

A week later, a childless couple came to the orphanage and wanted to adopt Emily. She was so happy that her wish had come true. Her prayer and wishes were fulfilled by the God.

Moral of the story :

Do not lose heart and hope if you do not have what others have. You should take efforts to have what you want.

The Crooked Man

Once upon a time, there lived a crooked man in a small village. Nobody liked the crooked man because he was dishonest. Therefore, the crooked man left and walked along a very crooked and long road.

Along the way, he found a crooked six pence beside a crooked stile. Then he came to a small town. The people in the town did not welcome him. He needed a companion and so he bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse.

Later, he came to a small hill far away from the town. He built a little crooked house where he lived happily with his crooked cat.

Moral of the story :

Whether a person is good or bad, he still needs companionship. A good companionship will change the heart of the bad-people.

The Crooked Man :


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