The FOX or The LION

The FOX or The LION :

Tired with the boredom of his normal life, Rama decided to go on a spiritual discovery. He decided to spend a few days in a Jungle close to the village. So, every day he meditated in the woods. Whenever he got hungry, he would come to the village. One day, while returning to the Jungle he noticed a severely injured fox. Its front legs were detached completely. Nature is not gentle to any kind of incapability. If you lose your legs, you lose your life. Yet, the fox looked well-fed and healthy. Rama was surprised. But he ignored it and focused on his meditation. As the sun set, Rama heard the roar of a lion. He forgot about his meditation and climbed up a tree. To his astonishment, a full grown male lion came with a piece of meat, dropped it in front of the fox and went away. Rama couldn't believe this…if furious lion is feeding a crippled fox. Next evening, the lion came again with a piece of meat, dropped it in front of the fox and went away. Rama took this as a message that God was sending him. He had his own interpretation….Even a crippled fox in this forest is being fed by a lion and you fool, just sit here and food will come to you.

One day. two days, three days, meditation became more like a struggle for Rama. By the seventh day, he was struggling between life and death. Just then a yogi was passing by. He heard Rama's desperate cries and started following the sound.

'What happened to you? why are you in this condition?' asked the Yogi.

"Oh yogi, please help me. A divine message came to me. I went by the message and I became like this."

"What happened?" the Yogi asked.

'Look a crippled fox is being fed by a furious lion every day. Isn't this a divine message?'

The yogi looked at him and said. "Definitely….this is a divine message, but why is it that you chose to be like the crippled fox and not like the generous lion?"

Thinking good thoughts is not enough. Doing good is not enough. Seeing others follow your good example is good enough.

The FOX or The LION :

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