The mighty perish in their might.


The mighty perish in their might.

This statement metaphorically means that the violent and mighty people can inflict distress and pain upon others but their cruel sway will not last long. And the harmless and pious people will survive then as the violence and might of their own will make them perish. The mighty and violence will not prolong for long and a time will come to make the gentle and disciplined to survive happily.

This statement occurs in the poem - The Tiger and the Deer written by Shri Aurobindo, the great Indian poet. In this poem he describes how a tiger pounces upon a deer and tears it to pieces. Describing on so, Shri Aurobindo says in the end that the might will perish in their might and a time will come when the poor deer can live happily. History also evidences that even the largest animals have to become extinct and a time will come when there would be no tigers to kill and eat the harmless deer. This statement is true not only for animals but also for human being. Metaphorically taken tigers are the mighty and militant people. They disturb poor and innocent people to distress. Today’s politicians and goondas are of that kind. They threaten the poor and harmless people and dominate and suppress them not to come up in their life. But a time will come when these mighty people will perish in their might.

Before crucification, Jesus was betrayed one of His twelve disciples Judas. Judas had agreed to betray Him for thirty silver coins. The soldiers approached Jesus to arrest him. Another one of His disciples drew out his sword angrily and cut one of the ears of the soldier who was standing near Jesus. Jesus told him, “Put in the sword in the case. One who draws out the sword will meet his fatal end by a sword". This statement reveals the fact that the mighty have to perish in their might.

This statement is an eye-opener to the dictatorial, violent and haughty men. It also indicates the saying of Jesus - The meek are the blessed for they shall inherit the earth. There are many instances where the meek and the weak had to give in to the powerful bodies and waited for their turn to arrive….their turn arrived at last and they had won their games. We should not threaten the weak so as to make our progress easy.

The mighty perish in their might. :


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