The Secret Princess

The Secret Princess :

Chapter : 1

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl named Noel. She lived in a regular sort of house, in a regular sort of neighborhood, with a regular sort of family.

In spite of the fact that her family loved her very much, she felt that her mother, father and sister were all rather regular.

Noel liked to dance, and dreamed of one day becoming a famous dancer, and she also liked to sing, and dreamed of one day becoming a famous singer. But in the meantime, Noel had a secret life, a life not even her sister or mother or father knew about.

Noel was secretly learning to be a Princess!

No one in the entire world knew about this, except for one person. His name was Edward, and he was (secretly) becoming a Prince.

He and Noel were good friends and would go on long walks together. Edward would explain to Noel all about what was involved in becoming a Princess. “Why, my future Princess," he would say, “You must look with your Princess eyes and then you will see the beautiful fairies glittering amongst the trees."

Sure enough, when Noel concentrated really hard and looked with her future Princess eyes, she could see the beautiful glittering fairies, just like Edward had said.

One day they took a walk near the dark forest. Edward suddenly cried out to Noel, “Look, my soon-to-be-Princess, there is a pure white Unicorn hiding in the dark forest!" And sure enough, when Noel looked very deeply into the forest with her new future Princess type of eyes, she could see the beautiful, shy Unicorn hiding behind the trees.

Noel went home that night and was so enraptured with all this that she didn’t even notice what was on her plate for dinner. In addition to consuming a rather large slice of her mother’s homemade meatloaf (which she secretly detested), she also polished off 3 small pieces of broccoli and ate one bite of cauliflower without a single complaint.

Her mother was so proud of her that she gave her a big bowl of chocolate pudding for dessert, with extra whipped cream on top.

Her sister was none too happy with this turn of events, and complained bitterly until she, too, was given a bowl of pudding, but much smaller and with only a very small dollop of whipped cream on top. Then both girls were sent upstairs to finish their homework, which pleased no one at all.

Chapter : 2

The next day, Edward and Noel were happily taking their daily walk when Noel thought she heard a voice calling up from a steel sewer grate in the ground.

She ran over to the grate and called down “Is there anyone down there?" Edward ran over too, and they both heard a soft ladylike voice whisper “Oh please help me! I am a Queen and am stuck down here in this horrible sewer and there is a fierce dragon after me!"

Well, you can imagine that Noel was quite frightened, for after all she was only a very small (possibly) future Princess. I am not quite certain of how Edward was feeling at this moment, but perhaps it is best not to ask too many questions.

Noel looked up bravely at Edward and said; “We must save her, my Prince; it is our duty as a future Princess and Prince to help those in distress!" Edward sighed and nodded; “I suppose you are right, Noel, something must be done immediately, if not sooner."

Edward was now getting a bit tired of this game, and all he really wanted to do was take a nice, long nap. But he knew Noel would not relent, so he grabbed her hand and shouted; “Alright, come on!" So they tugged very hard on the grate to open it, and down they went, into the dark, scary sewer.

Chapter : 3

Noel and Edward both landed on their feet (thank goodness!) but wouldn’t you know it, they were immediately faced with a fierce, fire-spouting angry dragon. He was very upset that someone was interrupting his lovely soon-to-be dinner and made no bones about it. He growled so loudly that bright bursts of orange flames blew out of his two green nostrils, but Noel was not afraid.

“Come on, Prince, we have to rescue the Queen!" she cried, and took his hand into hers. It was not a moment too soon, as the fierce dragon was now approaching the queen and licking his wicked, green dragon lips in anticipation of a delicious-royal-type-of-dinner. They could see right away that she was a true queen. She was very beautiful and never cried once. She showed no fear, but told them that she had been kidnapped and mercilessly thrown into the sewer by an evil witch.

Just in time, the darkness filled with light as dozens of beautiful winged fairies of every size and description descended down into the blackness and gave off their beautiful hues of bright color in a rainbow of red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and pink. So much light filled the sewer that the dragon became confused, and ran away to hide.

At once, Edward picked up the distressed Queen, took Noels hand, and together they climbed out of the sewer and back into the bright sunlight. Edward gently laid the queen down on the grass and sighed. “Well, thank goodness for the fairies, anyway."

He was quite exhausted. After all, this was a little more adventure than he had bargained for. But Noel’s eyes were shining and she softly smoothed the Queen’s forehead to comfort her.

Chapter : 4

The Queen’s eyes fluttered and opened. Slowly she sat up. Softly she said to Edward and Noel: “Only a true Prince and Princess could have saved me." Noel and Edward knelt down next to her, and the Queen told them: “Noel, you shall become Princess Noel and rule my castle fairly and justly." “Edward, you shall be knighted and henceforth shall be known as Sir Edward. I also intend to proclaim you Prince Edward, so that when I grow old and I am no longer the Queen, the two of you shall succeed me and rule the entire kingdom."

Princess Noel smiled and glowed in the early evening’s golden light, for now she could clearly see the fairies twinkling in the faint starlight, and watch as the beautiful Unicorn cantered along through the trees.

Even though Edward was very pleased to have been promoted to Prince, all he really wanted to do was take a nap. So the queen laid her hand upon Edward, and he happily lay down in the grass for a long well deserved rest, while Noel danced around the queen in the beautiful sunset, a True Princess at last.

The End

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