The Structure of Sentences

The Structure of Sentences :

Analysis is a Greek word which means the act of dissolving or breaking up. In grammar it is applied to the separation of a sentence into its constituent parts or elements. To dissect a sentence in this way is to analyze it.

The elements which make up a sentence are….

(1) the simple subject

(2) the simple predicate

(3) modifiers

(4) the complements - direct object, predicate objective, predicate adjective, predicate nominative

(5) the so-called independent elements - the interjection, the vocative (or nominative of direct address), the exclamatory nominative and various parenthetical expressions

The absolute essentials for a sentence are a substantive as subject and a verb as predicate. By combining these two indispensable elements, in various ways, with modifiers and complements, the sentence may be extended to any length desired. Indeed, the sole limits are the constructive skill of the writer and the hearer’s ability to follow the thought without losing the thread.

Now we shall consider how sentences are built up or constructed. Our starting point in this study will be the simple sentence.

The Structure of Sentences :

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