The Super Cat Rampaw

The Super Cat Rampaw :

Rampaw was coming back home one night after a long ride. As Rampaw passed through a forest, he heard someone crying. Rampaw stopped his bike and looked around. There was no one to be seen. Rampaw started the bike, ready to move on. That was when he heard the cry once again.

Rampaw got down from his bike, took his torch, and moved deeper into the dark forest. After walking for some time into the forest, he saw some hyenas bullying an old fox.

“Leave him along," said mighty Rampaw. But the hyenas laughed and said, “Mind your business, cat. Or else….."

Before the hyenas could complete their sentence, mighty Rampaw pounced on them.

“MEOW!" as the hyenas heard a loud, furious mew, they ran for their lives. Some got scratched on their heads and faces and some were punched in the eye.

“Helping the weak is my responsibility, no matter what," Rampaw said to the fleeing Hyenas. Then, he took the old fox with him and roped him safely at his house.

BY Anish Kurian

The Super Cat Rampaw :

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