three cheers for

three cheers for

three successive hurrahs expressing appreciation or congratulation of someone or something

Qualified approval or mild enthusiasm is sometimes expressed by two cheers for, as in the title of E. M. Forster's book Two Cheers for Democracy (1951).

1998 - Zest - So three cheers for The Body Shop's Community Trade programme which is helping organic bergamot farms thrive once more.

of good cheer

cheerful or optimistic - archaic

The exhortation to be of good cheer occurs in several passages of the New Testament in the Authorized Version of the Bible (for example in Matthew 9 : 2, John 16 : 33 and Acts 27:22). In Middle English, cheer had the meaning face. This sense of cheer is now obsolete, but the related senses of countenance and demeanour as reflected in the countenance survive in a number of phrases, including in good cheer and the archaic what cheer! (how are you?).

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