How do people waste time
Do you want to know it?
Today look around you can see many
Who are sitting for nothing and
expecting to change everything

Life is full of pleasure
How much time you can treasure
Most of the time we have is leisure
But for many this time is worst killer

It’s said love is forever
But today who want it either
Forget the love forever
It remains today for certain hours

Life is meant to be enjoyed
But still today for many situations we cried
If in life there is abundance of Love
Then how can we forget what we owe

Live life let people live it
We should live in a way
We should make best of it
and make it more splendid

This is life you should LOVE it
In life, if there is no Love than just leave it
but in the real sense if you want to cherish it
Live life to the fullest and just enjoy it.


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