ROOT-WORDS are the Prefixes TRA & TRANS meaning ACROSS, THROUGH & OVER. Every word in the list contains this Prefix and tells you that much about the word. When you learn more keys you will know what every part of the word means and then the word will be entirely yours. All you need is to REMEMBER THESE KEYS!

1. Transatlantic: TRANS atlantic (trans at lant’ ic) adj.

Across or beyond the Atlantic Ocean

2. Transcontinental: TRANS continental (trans cont in ent’ al) adj.

Across the continent

3. Transact : TRANS act (trans akt’) v.

Put a business deal through

4. Transaction: TRANS action (trans ak’ shun) n.

Putting through of a business deal

5. Transfer: TRANS fer (trans fer’) v.

To bring from one place to another

6. Transferable: TRANS ferable (trans fer’ a b’l) adj.

Can be transferred

7. Transmit: TRANS mit (trans mit’) v.

Send from person to person or place to place

8. Transmitter: TRANS mitter (trans mit’ er) n.

One who or that which sends across

9. Translate: TRANS late (trans late’) v.

To change from one form to another; as, to translate a book into another language

10. Translator: TRANS lator (trans late’ or) n.

One who translates from one language to another

11. Transport: TRANS port (trans port’) v.

To carry from place to place

12. Transportation: TRANS portation (trans por tay’ shun) n.

The act of carrying something from place to place

13. Transform: TRANS form (trans form’) v.

Change one form or structure to another

14. Transfusion: TRANS fusion (trans fyue’ zhun) n.

Passing from one to another; as, a blood transfusion

15. Transcend: TRANS cend (trans end’) v.

Cross to a higher level

16. Transit: TRANS it (trans’ it) n.

The way from one place to another

17. Transitive: TRANS itive (trans’ it iv) n.

(Gram.) A verb that has a direct object

18. Transplant: TRANS plant (trans plant’) v.

Plant in another place

19. Traverse: TRA verse (tra’ vers) adj.

Lying across; as, a bridge over a stream

20. Traduce: TRA duce (tra dyuse’) v.

To disgrace; lower the good name of

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