ROOT-WORD is the Suffix TUDE which means STATE OF & CONDITION OF. It makes nouns and often, in giving the meaning, one likes to end the word with NESS. A Suffix which also means STATE OF & TUDE is used to form abstract nouns from adjectives. No. 1 is a most important word. Your attiTUDE to the ROOT-WORDS in this site is the most important single factor in your success or failure with vocabulary building.

1. Attitude : atti TUDE (at’ i tude) n.

Manner; feeling toward; as, attitude to a job

2 Latitudinarian : lati TUD inarian (lat’ i tude in ar’ ee an) n.

One opposed to strict discipline

3. Similitude : simili TUDE (si mil’ i tude) n.

Condition of likeness; resemblance

4. Verisimilitude : verisimili TUDE (ver i si mil’ i tude) n.

Having the appearance of truth

5. Gratitude : grati TUDE (grat’ i tude) n.

State of being grateful; thankfulness

6. Lassitude : lassi TUDE (las’ i tude) n.

State of being limp; weariness

7. Multitude : multi TUDE (mul’ ti tude) n.

Great numbers; as, a multitude of people

8. Pulchritude : pulchri TUDE (pul; kri tude) n.

State of beauty; loveliness

9. Rectitude : recti TUDE (rek’ ti tude) n.

State of righteousness

10. Latitude : lati TUDE (lat; i tude) n.

Degree of distance from side to side; width

11. Plenitude : pleni TUDE (plen’ i tude) n.

Abundance; state of fullness

12. Aptitude : apti TUDE (ap’ ti tude) n.

Ability for; state of being capable

13. Beatitude : beati TUDE (be at; i tude) n.

State of heavenly bliss

14. Solitude : soli TUDE (sol’ i tude) n.

State of being alone; loneliness; as, living in solitude

15. Solicitude : solici TUDE (so lis’ i tude) n.

State of great concern for another as solicitude for the poor

16. Fortitude : forti TUDE (fort’ i tude) n.

State of bravery and strength; endurance

17. Servitude : servi TUDE (ser’ vi tude) n.

State of being subject to another, as, a servant or slave

18. Turpitude : turpi (TUDE (tur’ pi tude) n.

Baseness; depravity; as, moral turpitude

19. Longitude : longi TUDE (lon’ ji tude) n.

Length; extent measured in length

20. Vicissitude : vicissi TUDE (vi sis’ i tude) n.

The ups and downs of fortune and fate

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